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Grave at Kotagiri

Margaret Bushby Lascelles Cockburn (2 July 1829 – 26 March 1928) was an artist and amateur ornithologist who lived in the Nilgiris in India. She was born in Salem, India and her father was the Collector of the District, M. D. Cockburn. She made numerous observations on local natural history and many of these were reported in the works of Allan Octavian Hume.[1][2] She also made paintings of local birds and flora. The Natural history museum at London produced a diary in 2002 with illustrations made by her of the fauna and flora of the Kotagiri region.[3]

She contributed towards the construction of a church at Kotagiri in 1867.[4] A subspecies of Anthus similis from the Nilgiri region was named after her, but this no longer considered valid.[5]


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