Margaret Corbin Monument

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Margaret "Molly" Corbin Monument
United States
Margaret Corbin Memorial, West Point Cemetery, United States Military Academy.jpg
Margaret Corbin's Gravesite and Monument
For Margaret Corbin
Unveiled 1926
Location near Highland Falls, New York
Burials by war

Margaret Corbin Monument is a monument and United States Military Academy Cemetery, in honor of Margaret Corbin (November 12, 1751 – January 16, 1800), a heroine of the American Revolution. She died in Highland Falls, New York and was buried near the Hudson River. In 1926, her remains were relocated to their current location near the entrance to the West Point Cemetery by the Daughters of the American Revolution.[1]

Other memorials[edit]

There is a memorial dedicated to Corbin in Fort Tryon Park in Manhattan, New York City, near the location of the Battle of Fort Washington. Margaret Corbin Circle, just outside the entrance to the park, is named after her, as is Margaret Corbin Drive, which connects the circle through the park to the Henry Hudson Parkway.


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