Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

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Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
The inaugural lighting of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
Coordinates 32°46′48.79″N 96°49′18.71″W / 32.7802194°N 96.8218639°W / 32.7802194; -96.8218639Coordinates: 32°46′48.79″N 96°49′18.71″W / 32.7802194°N 96.8218639°W / 32.7802194; -96.8218639
Carries Spur 366
Crosses Trinity River
Locale Dallas, Texas
Design Cable-stayed bridge
Height 400 feet (120 m) central arch pylon
Longest span 1,197 feet (365 m)
(total length 1,870 feet (570 m))
Designer Santiago Calatrava
Opened March 29, 2012; 4 years ago (March 29, 2012)[1][2]
Toll None

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is a bridge in Dallas, Texas which spans the Trinity River and was built as part of the Trinity River Project. Designed by Santiago Calatrava, it is one of three such bridges planned to be built over the Trinity; the second, the Margaret McDermott Bridge, is currently under construction. The span parallels the Ronald Kirk Avenue Bridge, a walking bridge.

The bridge is named for Margaret Hunt Hill, an heiress and philanthropist.[3]


Construction on the bridge began in spring 2007.[4] It connects Spur 366 (Woodall Rodgers Freeway) in downtown to Singleton Boulevard in West Dallas. The cable-stayed bridge cost $117 million to build, with a total length of 1,870 feet (570 m), a main span of 1,197 feet (365 m), and an apex height of 400 feet (122 m).[5] A Dallas Morning News analysis puts the project's total cost at $182 million.[6]

On June 26, 2010, the signature 40-story center-support arch was topped with a central curved span, providing an additional feature to the Dallas skyline, which can now be seen from many miles away in several directions.[7][8][9]


Construction in July 2010
Panoramic view of construction in July 2010.


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