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Margaret Jope (1913–2004) was a Scottish biochemist, born as Henrietta Margaret Halliday in Peterhead, Scotland.

She took her degree in chemistry at Aberdeen University, and her D.Phil. at Somerville College, Oxford. She met her future husband Martyn Jope while working at the Dyson Perrins Laboratory at Oxford University. After they were married, Margaret accompanied Martyn to Belfast, where he later became Professor of Archaeology at Queen's University.

Margaret continued her research while at Belfast, in the Geology Department, where she worked primarily on brachiopods, especially on their shell protein.[1] Her other research interests included the crystallisation of haemoglobin,[2] and working with Martyn, made studies of animal bones, especially bird bones, at archaeological sites mainly in Northern Ireland and Oxfordshire.

Papers on Brachiopods[edit]

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