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Margaret Cullen Landis Green Book January, 1916
The Martinache Marriage (1917)

Margaret Landis (August 31, 1890 – April 8, 1981) was an American silent screen actress who appeared in at least 41 films between 1915 and 1931.


Margaret Cullen Landis was born in Nashville, Tennessee, the daughter of Lulan and Margaret (née Cullen) Landis. Her father was a stockbroker[1] and her younger brother, Cullen Landis, was a successful silent film director and actor. She began her career with Balboa Studios as a dancer in the 1915 film Who Pays.

Near the midpoint of her career she took some time off to study art, eventually returning to film work around 1921.[2]

Landis married at least twice, first to film director Bertram Bracken in or around 1912 and second, a decade or so later, to James Hamilton Couper (1895–1953), a World War I veteran who came from a prominent Georgia Coast family.

Both Margaret and her brother Cullen left Hollywood soon after the arrival of sound. Margaret Landis’ last film was the talkie Sheer Luck (1931).

Margaret Landis Couper died on April 8, 1981, at Alameda, California, and is interred with her husband at the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.[3][4][5] [6]

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