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Margaret Shirley Mutu is a Ngāti Kahu activist,[1] leader and academic from Auckland, New Zealand. Her iwi are Ngāti Kahu, Te Rarawa and Ngāti Whātua.[2]

She obtained a BSc in Mathematics, a MPhil in Māori Studies and a PhD in Māori Studies specialising in linguistics.[3] She is now Professor of Māori Studies as well as head of department at University of Auckland.[4] She has taught Māori language and Treaty of Waitangi courses since 1986.[5]

Mutu is chairperson of the Ngāti Kahu runanga executive (the legal entity representing the iwi or tribe),[5] their chief negotiator for treaty settlements,[2] and spokesperson to the media.[6] In 2015, she was awarded the Pou Aronui Award "for her sustained contributions to indigenous rights and scholarship".[7]




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