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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Tu.

Margaret Tu Chuan (Chinese: 杜娟; pinyin: Dù Juān; January 1, 1942 – November 30, 1969) was a Hong Kong actress.


She made her first film, The Magic Touch (1958 film), in 1958. The film was directed by Li Han Hsiang who discovered her at age seventeen. She starred in movies such as When The Peach Blossoms Bloom (1959), The Kingdom And The Beauty (1959) and Madam White Snake (1957) with Betty Loh Ti and Lin Dai before her death in 1969. Diary Of A Lady-Killer (1969) was the last role she starred in before committing suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills[1] with a female lover after a failed marriage.



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