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Margareta Clausdotter (died 10 December 1486) was a Swedish writer and genealogist, a Roman Catholic nun of the Bridgettine order and from 1473 until her death, abbess of the Vadstena Abbey. Christina Brask translated the Antiphonarium for her.[1][2] [3]

She is best known for the chronicle she authored on the family of Saint Bridget, which includes some legends and stories not known from any other sources. Her chronicle influenced later historical and genealogical writers. One story, about "Bengt Lagman", the king's brother who marries a woman of humbler origins, "Sigrid the Beautiful", has been most famously retold in the play Bröllopet på Ulfåsa (1865) by Swedish dramatist, Frans Hedberg (1828-1908) and the music written for the play by August Söderman (1832-1876). Bengt Lagman was the story of Bengt Magnusson (d. 1294), however the story for the most part disagrees with, or is at least not verified by, contemporary sources.[4] [5][2][6]


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Other sources[edit]

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Religious titles
Preceded by
Katarina Petersdotter
Abbess of Vadstena
Succeeded by
Anna Paulsdotter