Margaretha van Godewijk

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Margaretha van Godewijk, after a self-portrait

Margaretha van Godewijk (30 August 1627, Dordrecht – 2 November 1677, Dordrecht), was a Dutch Golden Age poet and painter.


According to Houbraken her father was a teacher at the Latin school in Dordrecht who taught her Greek, Latin, Italian, French and English. She could understand Hebrew, was clever at making rhymes.[1] She learned to paint from Nicolaes Maes and was good at making landscapes, villas, houses, flowers and all sorts of ships, in oils, watercolours, and embroidery.[1] She was also good at astronomy and making diamond engravings on glass (roemers).[1] Houbraken quoted the Dordrecht writer Mathias Balen (1611–1691), who published a history of Dordrecht that included various famous women.[2]

According to the RKD she was a pupil of Cornelis Bisschop and became a flower painter, but no works survive.[3]


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