Margery and Gladys

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Margery and Gladys
DVD cover
Written by John Flanagan
Andrew McCulloch
Directed by Geoffrey Sax
Starring Penelope Keith
June Brown
Roger Lloyd-Pack
Martin Freeman
Music by Philip Pope
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Sharon Bloom
Producer(s) Tim Hutchinson
Cinematography Chris O'Dell
Editor(s) Nick Arthurs
Running time 98 minutes
Production company(s) Carlton Television
Distributor ITV, STV, UTV
Picture format 16:9
Audio format Stereo
Original release 21 September 2003

Margery and Gladys is a one-off television drama/film, broadcast on 21 September 2003. Starring Penelope Keith and June Brown as the title characters, it was produced by Carlton Television for ITV and directed by Geoffrey Sax.[1] Upon first broadcast, it was watched by a total of 7.91 million viewers.[2]

The film has also been screened on RTÉ One in Ireland, and was subsequently repeated on ITV3 on March 6, 2016, which is the first time it has been repeated in the United Kingdom since it's original broadcast in 2003. The film was released on DVD in Australia in July 2012 by Madman Entertainment.[3]



Recently widowed Margery Heywood (Penelope Keith) and her cleaning woman Gladys Gladwell (June Brown) disturb a would-be burglar breaking into Margery's house in Kent. Margery attacks the burglar with a heavy glass vase, and knocks him unconscious. Believing that she has killed him, she panics and flees the house with Gladys, leaving behind her handbag. In Gladys's car, the two women decide to try to reach Margery's son Graham in Milton Keynes, hoping he'll give them shelter and money, but the trip turns into a comedy of disasters.

They are forced to break into a pharmacy to obtain insulin for Gladys's diabetes, 'do a runner' from a petrol station and dodge police cameras on the M25. Margery is devastated to learn of a twenty-year affair between her late husband and Gladys - and that her son knew of it. His father also secretly bought a boat and planned to sail away with a childhood friend. With the police, led by about-to-retire Detective Inspector Woolley (Roger Lloyd-Pack) on their trail, the two women drive to Fleetwood, only to meet the childhood friend. The boat, it seems, was purchased with stolen money. After a night on the town at nearby Blackpool, the two women take the boat and sail off to the Caribbean.


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