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Margret RoadKnight (born July 1943, in Melbourne, Australia) is an Australian singer. In a career spanning almost five decades, she has sung in a wide variety of styles including blues, jazz, gospel, comedy, cabaret, and folk.

In the 1960s and 1970s, RoadKnight appeared on numerous television programmes including Folkmoot, hosted by Leonard Teale, Dave's Place, hosted by the Kingston Trio's Dave Guard, and the ABC national weekly current affairs program, Open-End.

In 1976, she released the single, "Girls in Our Town", which reached the Top 40.[1] In February 1987 she was a member of Je Ne Sais Choir, along with Mara Kiek, Jarnie Birmingham and Moya Simpson.[2] That choir supported Frankie Armstrong's tour of Australia.[2] By October 1993 the group were renamed as Girls in Your Town and were undertaking their own tours of Australia.[3] According to The Canberra Times‍ '​ Michael Foster the a cappella quartet sing "songs of the '50s and '60s along with gospel, jazz, drinking, and barbershop songs and African chants."[4]


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