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Margreth Olin
Margreth Olin Mykløen

(1970-04-16)16 April 1970
Known forFilm director

Margreth Olin Mykløen (born April 16, 1970 in Stranda, Western Norway) is a Norwegian film director, film producer and screen writer. She has won several awards for her documentary films.[1]


Mykløen is educated at the University of Bergen and Høgskulen i Volda, and had her debut as documentary filmmaker with the graduation film I kjærleikens hus (1995). In 1998 her first feature documentary Dei mjuke hendene premiered in cinemas and received a number of awards, including the Amanda prize. The first fiction film was Fråtseri, one of several short films in the series De 7 dødssyndene (2000).

She had a real breakthrough with the documentary Kroppen Min (2002), awarded the Amanda-price for best documentary, and the audience award «Gullstolen» at the Short Film Festival in Grimstad, and several awards at international festival. Ungdommens råskap (2004) is viewed by almost 60,000 in Norwegian cinemas.

In 2006 she made herself known to be the initiator of the action «». Two years later when she resumed the action protesting against new cutbacks in the immigration policy, she was titled the Year 2008 Norwegian by the Norwegian weekly magazine Ny Tid. In 2009 she received a lot of attention for the debut as a feature film director with the movie Engelen, and is working on a new documentary on Norwegian immigration policy.[2]



  • I kjærleikens hus (1995) (director)
  • Dei mjuke hendene (1998) (director)
  • Kroppen min (My Body) (2002) (director)
  • Ungdommens råskap (Raw Youth) (2004) (director) ("documentary")
  • Lullaby (2006) (director)
  • Engelen ("Angel") (2009) (director)


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