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Margriet Ehlen (Heerlen, 28 September 1943) is a Dutch poet and a composer, conductor and educator of classical music.

Life and career[edit]

She has composed for a large variety of instruments, yet is particularly active in composition for voice.[1] These works extend from solo vocalists[2] to choir music.[3] Many of her compositions for voice set poetry to music. To this end she has utilized texts by Gerrit Achterberg, Anna Bijns, Emily Dickinson,[3] Wiel Kusters and Elly de Waard. She is also an accomplished and decorated poet herself.[4]

Ehlen studied composition with Gerard Kockelmans, Willem de Vries Robbé and Robert Heppener, piano with Bart Berman and Kees Steinroth and choir conducting with Jan Eelkema.[1] She graduated with a degree in music education from the Maastricht Academy of Music, and taught at teacher colleges in Rotterdam, Maastricht and Sittard.[1]

She has collected and analyzed the works of her former teacher, the Dutch composer Gerard Kockelmans,[5] and written about the composer Jean Lambrechts.[6]

Many of her works were published by Donemus, a not-for-profit Dutch publishing house that promotes contemporary classical composers. Some others were published by the Rieks Sodenkamp publishing house in Maastricht.

Selected works[edit]

  • 1979 Cyclus I, five songs for voice and piano on poems Martin Boot
  • 1980 Three songs for voice and piano on texts by Martin Boot
  • 1984 Palimpseste, for songs on poems by Wiel Kusters for mezzo-soprano and piano
  • 1988 And send the Rose to you, ten songs for choir on texts by Emily Dickinson and Elly de Waard[3]
  • 1988 Wijfken, staat oppe for soprano and flute/alt-flute on a text by Anna Bijnstriptiek
  • 1990 Euridyce, a cycle of seven songs for mezzo-soprano and flute quartet on texts by Gerrit Achterberg
  • 1990 Three small songs for flute and medium voice on poems by Hadewych Laugs
  • 1994 Dröm for soprano and flute on a text by Birgitta Buch[2]
  • 1995 Prèsque Berceuse for soprano, flute and harpsichord or piano on a text by H. Leopold[2]
  • 1995 Too few the mornings be, for soprano, saxophone, horn and piano
  • 2003 For the Distant, mini opera for soprano, 2 percussion orchestras, 2 dancers, video, and 2 choirs
  • 2006 Ignis Caritas for carillon on a text by Margriet Ehlen


  • 1997 Peter Kempkens Literature Award[7]
  • 1995-1999 Veldeke awards (4 prizes)[4]


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