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Marguerite Andersen CM (born October 15, 1924 in Germany) is a primarily francophone writer and educator who is currently based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where she is a teacher at the Toronto Linden School.

Her Ph.D in French Studies is from the Université de Montréal. Previously, she received the Staatsexamen at the Free University of Berlin and has studied at France's Sorbonne. She came to Canada in 1958 after living in various nations such as England, Ethiopia, Tunisia and the United States.

She has also taught at Concordia University, Mount St. Vincent University and the University of Guelph.

In 1996, Andersen produced a place at Factory Theatre in Toronto called Stations in a Painter's Life about German born Canadian artist Christiane Pflug, based on the life of the artist until her suicide in 1972

Since 1998, she has been Editor for the quarterly French literary journal Virages ISSN 1203-8792.

She won the 2009 French-language Trillium Award, category "Prix de poésie Trillium" for her book Le Figuier sur le toit and 2014 in the category "Prix du livre d’enfant Trillium".[1]

In December 2016, Andersen was named a Member of the Order of Canada.[2]

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  • 1996: Christiane : Stations in a Painter's Life*, Festival The Gathering, Factory Theatre, Toronto, 1996.
  • 1996–97: La Fête, Prix O'Neill-Karsh, mises en lecture Théâtre La Catapulte, Ottawa, 1997 et Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario, Sudbury, 1996.


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