Marguerite Sirvins

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Marguerite Sirvins
Born1890 (1890)
Died1955(1955-00-00) (aged 64–65)[1]

Marguerite Sirvins (1890-1955) was a French textile artist associated with outsider art.

Sirvins was born to a family of farmers in the French region of Lozère, and developed symptoms of schizophrenia aged 41. After her confinement to a psychiatric hospital in Saint-Alban, she started creating art with watercolours, embroidery, and textiles.[2]

Sirvins would use found rags and coloured silks working without preparatory sketches, her most notable creation was also her final piece; a wedding dress for her imaginary wedding. The dress was made from hospital bedsheets, with a crochet technique.[3][4] Sirvins stopped creating art in 1955 shortly before her death, after suffering from delirium and hallucinations.[2] Sirvins doctor, Roger Gentis, helped preserve her artworks and they are exhibited in the collection of the Collection de l'art brut in Lausanne.


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