Margaret, Countess of Anjou

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Margaret with her sisters in the Bible of Naples
Countess of Anjou and Maine
Reign1290 – 1299
PredecessorCharles II
SuccessorPhilip I
Co-SovereignCharles III
Died31 December 1299(1299-12-31) (aged 27)
Église des Jacobins, Paris
(m. 1290)
among others...
HouseCapetian House of Anjou
FatherCharles II of Naples
MotherMary of Hungary

Margaret of Anjou (1272 – 31 December 1299) was Countess of Anjou and Maine in her own right and Countess of Valois, Alençon and Perche by marriage. Margaret's father was King Charles II of Naples, whilst her husband was Charles, Count of Valois (third son of King Philip III of France), and her older brother was Saint Louis of Toulouse; her nephew was King Charles I of Hungary.

Born in 1272,[1] Margaret was a daughter of Charles II of Naples and his queen Mary of Hungary, the daughter of Stephen V of Hungary. Her father ceded to her husband, Charles of Valois, the Counties of Anjou and Maine as her dowry.[2] She married Charles of Valois, a son of Philip III of France, at Corbeil in August 1290.[2] Their children included:

Countess Margaret was succeeded by her eldest son.


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Margaret, Countess of Anjou
Cadet branch of the Capetian dynasty
Born: 1273 Died: 31 December 1299
Regnal titles
Preceded by Countess of Anjou and Maine
with Charles III
Succeeded by