Marián Varga

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Marián Varga
Varga in 2004
Background information
Born(1947-01-29)January 29, 1947
Skalica, Czechoslovakia
DiedAugust 9, 2017(2017-08-09) (aged 70)
Bratislava, Slovakia
Occupation(s)Composer, organist

Marián Varga (January 29, 1947 – August 9, 2017[1]) was a Slovak musician, composer and organist.


He played the piano from the age of six. He studied piano and composition at the conservatory in Bratislava. He left the conservatory after three years to become a member of the group Prúdy, and contributed to the legendary album Zvoňte zvonky. He left Prúdy as suddenly as he had left conservatory only to establish the first Czechoslovak art rock band Collegium Musicum.

The repertoire of Collegium Musicum, comprising mostly instrumental pieces, included reinterpretations of the themes of classics such as Joseph Haydn, Béla Bartók and Igor Stravinsky, complemented by original compositions. Already at this stage his work bore signs of postmodernism (Eufónia of the album Konvergencie), which later became the basic principle of his work.

When Collegium Musicum disbanded in 1979, Varga started a solo career. Among other achievements, he became a pioneer of absolute improvisation (real-time composition) in Slovakia. In the meantime he continued to contribute to popular music. His ongoing collaboration with Pavol Hammel led to five successful albums and to the first rock musical in Slovakia.


with Prúdy[edit]

Collegium Musicum[edit]

  • 1970: "Hommage à J.S.Bach / Ulica plná plášťov do dažďa" (SP)
  • 1971: Collegium Musicum
  • 1971: Konvergencie
  • 1973: Collegium Musicum Live
  • 1975: Marián Varga & Collegium Musicum
  • 1978: Continuo
  • 1979: On a Ona
  • 1981: Divergencie
  • 1997: Collegium Musicum '97 (Live)

with Pavol Hammel[edit]

  • 1972: Zelená pošta
  • 1976: Na II. programe sna (along with Radim Hladik)
  • 1978: Cyrano z predmestia
  • 1989: Všetko je inak
  • 1993: Labutie piesne

with Vladimír Merta[edit]

  • 1992: Cestou k ... Stabil - Instabil

Solo albums[edit]

  • 1984: Stále tie dni
  • 2003: Solo in Concert (Live)
  • 2006: Marián Varga & Moyzesovo kvarteto


  • 2006: Hommage à Marián Varga


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