Mari (given name)

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Pronunciation Mah-ree
Gender Female
Word/name Japanese, Hebrew
Meaning Different depending on the kanji
Region of origin Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Estonian
Other names
Related names Mariko

Mari is a feminine given name in the Breton, Japanese, Estonian, Hungarian, Finnish, Welsh, Swedish and Norwegian languages. It is also a devotional given name in Tamil. It can be seen as a cognate of Mary in Danish, Finnish, Norwegian or Swedish.


In Japanese it appears as Mari (まり, マリ?), or can be written using different kanji characters so that it means, respectively:

  • 真理, "truth"
  • 万里, "long distance"
  • 茉莉, "jasmine"
  • 麻里, "hemp, village"
  • 麻莉, "hemp, white jasmine"
  • 愛莉, "love, white jasmine"(This kanji can also be read as Airi.)

The name can also be written in hiragana or katakana.


  • Mari Akasaka (真理, born 1964), Japanese novelist
  • Mari Amachi (真理, born 1951), Japanese singer and actress
  • Mari Eguro (真理, born 1972), a Japanese American actress, musician and model known as Marie Eguro in the U.S.
  • Mari Hamada (麻里, born 1962), Japanese rock singer
  • Mari Hamada (actress) (マリ, born 1968), Japanese singer and actress
  • Mari Hanafusa (まり, born 1974), Japanese actress in Takarazuka Revue
  • Mari Henmi (マリ, born 1950), Japanese singer and actress
  • Mari Hoshino (真里, born 1981), Japanese actress
  • Mari Iijima (真理, born 1963), Japanese singer-songwriter
  • Mari Kanō (茉莉), Japanese voice actress
  • Mari Kimura (born 1962), Japanese violinist and composer
  • Mari Kiviniemi (born 1968), Finnish politician and former Prime Minister of Finland
  • Mari Klaup (born 1990), Estonian heptathlete
  • Mari Kodama (麻里), Japanese pianist
  • Mari Konishi, a Japanese musician
  • Mari Kotani (真理, born 1958), Japanese science fiction critic
  • Mari Lill (born 1945), Estonian actress
  • Mari Mashiba (摩利, born 1959), Japanese voice actress
  • Mari Matsuda (born 1956), American lawyer, activist, and law professor
  • Mari Motohashi (麻里, born 1986), Japanese curler
  • Mari Natsuki (マリ, born 1952), Japanese singer, dancer, and actress
  • Mari Ozaki (まり, born 1975), Japanese long-distance runner
  • Mari Ozawa (真理), Japanese manga artist
  • Mari Shirato (真理, born 1958), Japanese actress
  • Mari Yaguchi (真里, born 1983), former member of the Japanese idol group Morning Musume
  • Mari Yamaguchi (真理), a Japanese video game music composer
  • Mari Yonehara (万里, 1950–2006), Japanese translator, essayist, non-fiction writer and novelist
  • Mari Youngblood, American singer
  • Mori Mari (茉莉, 1903–1987), Japanese author and daughter of famed novelist Mori Ōgai
  • Annu Mari (真理, born 1948), Indo–Japanese actress
  • Mari Shiraishi (白石 真梨), Japanese voice actress


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