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Mari Beyleryan (Armenian: Մառի Պեյլերյան; 1877, Constantinople – 1915) was an Armenian feminist activist, writer and public figure and a victim of the Armenian Genocide.


She finished the Esayan college of Constantinople, then studied at the studio of Bera. She contributed to different journals included "Arevelk" and "Hunchak". In 1895 Beyleryan became one of the organizers of the Bab-Ali demonstration, was persecuted by the police and left the capital. In Egypt she worked as a teacher, in 1902-1903 she published the "Artemis" Armenian women's journal, that was the first periodical dedicated to the idea of women's liberation. After the Young Turk revolution she returned to Ottoman Turkey and worked as a teacher in different regions, directed the girl's college of Eudokia.[which?]

She is an author of literary works ("Depi Ver" book).


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