Maria, i Aschimi

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Maria,i Aschimi
Genre Comedy-drama
Created by Fernando Gaitán
Starring Aggeliki Daliani
Anthimos Ananiadis
Antigoni Glikofridi
Tasos Kostis
Ariel Konstantinidi
Hristos Plainis
Filitsa Kalogerakou
Aspasia Tzitsikaki
Prodromos Tosounidis
Hristos Nomikos
Georgia Kalergi
Fwtis Spirou
Matthildi Maggira
Country of origin Greece
Original language(s) Greek
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 302
Running time 60 min (approx. 42 min without commercials)
Original network Mega Channel
Original release 1 January 2007 – 23 June 2008
Related shows Greek adaptation of Betty la Fea

Maria, i Aschimi (Μαρία, Η Άσχημη - Maria, The Ugly One) is the Greek adaptation of the Colombian telenovela Betty la Fea. The series ran from 2007 to 2008 on Mega Channel in Greece. The series starred Aggeliki Daliani in the title role of Maria and Anthimos Ananiadis as the boss who became the man of her dreams.

Series background[edit]

Mega Channel in Greece is airing its own version titled Maria, i Aschimi (Μαρία, Η Άσχημη - Maria, The Ugly One). Maria exudes intelligence, humor, and kindness, but what she is missing is conventional beauty. She considers her appearance to be an obstacle in her search for employment, despite her collection of degrees, which are displayed proudly by her parents, Kaiti and Irakles. Having no luck in her job search, Maria decides to try for a job for which she is overqualified, secretary to Alexis Mantas, the director of a noted fashion house called EcoModa. Alexis is the most coveted bachelor in Athens, but he has recently gotten engaged to Markella, who tries to get him to choose her best friend, Lilian, to be his secretary and to keep an eye on him. Lilian doesn't have Maria's natural intelligence or fine education, but she has a beautiful appearance, which makes her a better superficial fit at the fashion house.

This adaptation was originally supposed to start airing on November 1, 2006, but within two weeks of that date the show was removed from Mega Channel's schedule. Finally, it began on January 1, 2007 at 21:00 and although it was scheduled to move at 18:15 two weeks later, due to its high ratings (± 45% according to Agb Hellas and more than 2 million viewers) finally remained in the prime-time slot of the channel. On June 30 the series won the most Beloved Series during the 2008 TV ETHNOS Awards.

The theme song of the series "Poso S' Agapo" was written by acclaimed Greek music composer Stamatis Kraounakis.


  • Maria Papasotiriou : The ugly girl
  • Alexis Madas: the handsome president of Ecomoda
  • Filippos Deligiannis: the opponent of Alexis Madas
  • Lilian Patrikarea: the beautiful secretary of Alexis Madas
  • Markella Stefaneli: Alexis's girlfriend and Maria's enemy
  • Sergios Stefanelis: Markellas' brother
  • Eleonora Stefaneli: Markelas' sister
  • Dimitris Vrettos: Alexi's best friend
  • Nikolas Markakis: Maria's best friend
  • Kristo: the Fashion designer of Ecomoda
  • Keti Papasotiriou: Maria's mother
  • Heracles Papasotiriou: Maria's Father
  • Marhta Leventi: Maria's friend and worker of Ecomoda
  • Sofia Kanaki: Maria's friend and worker of Ecomoda
  • Sandra Danieilidi: Maria's friend and worker of Ecomoda
  • Marianna Langeri: Maria's friend and worker of Ecomoda
  • Christina Hatzaki: Maria's friend and worker of Ecomoda
  • Loukia Harisiadou: Maria's friend and worker of Ecomoda
  • Tzina Kasimati: the woman that helped Maria
  • Argyro Markaki: Nikolas' mother
  • Jerry Linardatos: Usher of Ecomoda