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Maria-Theresia-Gymnasium is one of Munich's oldest schools. It is situated on Regerplatz in the Munich district Au.

Founded in 1899 as a Kreisrealschule,[1] it became a Kreisoberrealschule in 1940 and a state-run Gymnasium in 1965. It currently holds around 900 students mainly in a natural scientific-mathematical, but as of late also a modern language branch.

In 1998, a gifted student class was started. In a partnership with Ludwig Maximilian University gifted students receive so-called „Enrichment“ classes, during which they can carry out experiments themselves at the biology and physics departments under supervision by known professors.[2]

The school is host to student exchanges with France, Sweden and Poland.

A new building with cafeteria and several new specialist rooms was built in 2008, made necessary by the adoption of the 8-year Gymnasium in many German states.

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48°07′28″N 11°35′19″E / 48.12444°N 11.58861°E / 48.12444; 11.58861