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Maria Panayotova Kirova (Bulgarian: Мария)
Born (1982-01-13) January 13, 1982 (age 34)
Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Genres Pop-folk
Occupation(s) Singer

Maria Panayotova Kirova (Bulgarian: Мария Панайотова Кирова) (born January 13, 1982), best known as Maria (Bulgarian: Мария), is a Bulgarian pop-folk singer.

Early life[edit]

Maria made her debut on a children's show for young talents with Lili Ivanova's song Detelini (Clovers). She has been successful since then and has had many popular hits including "Спомен"(Spomen/Memory), "Първа луна" (Purva luna/First Moon), "Бисери в очите"(Biseri v ochite/Pearls in the eyes), "Родени за любов"(Rodeni za lyubov/Born for love), "Обич на заем"(Obich na zaem/Love in rent), "Искаш мойто тяло"(Iskash moyto tyalo/You want my body), "Обичай ме така"(Obichai me taka/Love me that way), "Край"(Kray/End), "За теб"(Za teb/For You), "Направи го"(Napravi go/Do it), "Желая те"(Zhelaya te/I desire you),"Не съвсем"(Ne suvsem/Not Really), "Не те обичам"(Ne te obicham/I don't love you),"Просто ти"(Prosto ti/Just you), "Осъдена душа"(Osudena dusha/Judged soul), "Единствен"(Edinstven/The One), "Точно за мен"(Tochno za men/Right for me), "Изпепелена"(Izpepelena/Prostrated), "Не ме обичай"(Ne me obichai/Don't Love Me), "Луд в любовта"(Lud v lubovta/Mad in love), "Не,не,не"(Ne, ne,ne/No, no,no), "Обичам само теб" (Obicham samo teb/Love Only You), "Най-доброто място"(Nay-dobroto myasto/The Best Place), "Ако бях заменима"(Ako byah zamenima/If I was replaceable), "Сладко, сладко"(Sladko, sladko/Honey, honey), "Мойте задръжки"(Moyte zadryzhki/My Obstacles), "Най-добрият"(Nay-dobriyat/The Best), "Дай жега"(Dai Zhega/Give heat), "Ти позна ли ме?"(Ti pozna li me/Did you recognise me), "Какво правим сега" (Kakvo pravim sega/What are we doing now) feat. Cvetelina Ianeva"Давай, ти си"(Davai, ti si/Come on, your turn), "Всичко е платено"(Vsichko e plateno/Everything is paid), "Още три"(Oshte tri/Three more), "Завърти се и върви си"(Zavurti se i vurvi si/Turn around and go away).


  1. "Спомен", Spomen; (A Memory) (2000)
  2. "Първа Луна", Parva Luna; (First Moon) (2001)
  3. "Истинска", Istinska; (Real) (2003)
  4. "Maria" (2004)
  5. "Осъдена Душа", Osudena Dusha; (A Judged Soul) (2005)
  6. "Единствен", Edinstven; (Unique) (2006)
  7. "XIII", (2012)
  8. "Tvoite 100 Litsa", Tvoite 100 Litsa; (Your 100 Faces) (2015)

Concerts and commercials[edit]

Maria performed at Planeta Derby in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009, and 2010.

In 2004, Maria featured in a 30-second television commercial for the beer Ariana (Bulgarian: Ариана) in which she appears to open a bottle with her breasts, but then reveals a bottle opener on a necklace. That won her the nickname Mara Otvarachkata (in Bulgarian otvarachka means bottle opener, and Mara is a short for Maria).

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