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Birth name Ayaka Itō (伊藤彩華?, Itō Ayaka)
Born (1987-01-29) January 29, 1987 (age 30)
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genres Japanese Pop
Occupation(s) Singer, Actress
Years active 1998-present
Labels Universal Music Japan
Website Official Website

Maria (マリア?), born Ayaka Itō (伊藤彩華?, Itō Ayaka) on January 29, 1987, is a Japanese pop singer signed under Universal Music Japan. She had been active in singing for several years before debuting as a solo artist in 2009. Maria plays electric guitar and writes her own lyrics.


Ayaka began her career as a member of Nansho Kids, a sub-group of the famous stage group Minami Aoyama Shōjo Kageki Dan (南青山少女歌劇団?, South Aoyama Female Opera Group).

The first noticeable role in her career was her role as young Nala in the Japanese version of the musical The Lion King.

Later In 2002, Ayaka was part of a three members girlband called 'SpringS' along with Aya Hirano and Yuuki Yoshida. The unit disbanded in 2003, after releasing one album and four singles.

In 2006, she formed the duo 'ltokubo' with Keiko Kubota. Due to a suggestion from Shouko Nakagawa, one of her close friends, in 2007 she went on a music coaching school and finally made her own debut two years later under the name Maria.


Solo discography[edit]


  1. [2010.02.24] - WILL


  1. [2009.05.20] - Getaway #63
  2. [2009.07.15] - Goin' My Way #55
  3. [2009.10.28] - D.I.T. #27
  4. [2010.01.27] - Wasuretakunakute (忘れたくなくて?) #30

SpringS discography[edit]


  1. [2003.03.26] - Springs Super Best


  1. [2003.01.22] - DOWN TOWN
  2. [2003.02.26] - Kogarashi ni Dakarete (木枯しに抱かれて?, Held in the Cold Wintry Wind)
  3. [2003.03.26] - Raspberry Dream
  4. [2003.09.03] - Identified

Itokubo discography[edit]


  1. [2007.11.21] - Into the sky

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