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Maria Areosa immediately after the European Cup elite triathlon in Quarteira, 2011.

Maria Areosa (full name: Maria Costa Macedo Areosa Ribeiro, born 14 September 1984) is a professional Portuguese triathlete, Portuguese Duathlon Champion of the year 2010, and permanent member of the National Team.[1]

In the official Portuguese ranking of the year 2010, Areosa is at the 14th position but since she attended only one of the four competitions of the circuit this ranking is not relevant.

In 2010, Areosa also took part in the Portuguese triathlon of the XTERRA European Tour placing 3rd at Figueira da Foz.

In Portugal, Maria Areosa represents the Clube Olímpico de Oeiras.

ITU Competitions[edit]

In the ten years from 2001 to 2010, Areosa took part in 31 ITU triathlons and achieved 11 top ten positions, among which two gold medals. In April 2011, Areosa opened her new season with a new top ten position in Quarteira. The following list is based upon the official ITU rankings and the ITU Athletes's Profile Page.[2] Unless indicated otherwise, the following events are triathlons (Olympic Distance) and refer to the Elite category.

Date Competition Place Rank
  2001-06-23   European Championships (Junior) Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary) 22
  2002-07-06   European Championships (Junior) Győr 16
  2002-08-31   European Cup Praia de Vitoria 6
  2002-09-07   European Cup Madrid 14
  2002-10-13   World Cup Madeira 30
  2002-10-23   European Cup Alanya 1
  2003-04-26   World Cup St Anthonys 46
  2003-07-20   European Cup Győr 6
  2003-08-30   European Cup Sofia 1
  2003-09-14   European Cup Estoril 4
  2003-09-21   World Cup Madrid 16
  2003-11-02   World Cup Cancun 10
  2003-11-09   World Cup Rio de Janeiro 10
  2004-02-28   African Cup Bloemfontein 7
  2004-04-11   World Cup Ishigaki 34
  2004-04-18   European Championships Valencia 17
  2004-04-25   World Cup Mazatlan 27
  2004-05-09   World Championships Madeira 55
  2004-09-19   World Cup Madrid DNF
  2004-11-07   World Cup Rio de Janeiro 17
  2005-06-05   World Cup Madrid DNS
  2008-10-26   Premium European Cup Alanya 4
  2009-04-05   European Cup Quarteira DNF
  2010-04-11   European Cup Quarteira 15
  2010-04-30   Duathlon European Championships Nancy DNS
  2010-06-05   Dextro Energy World Championship Series Madrid 54
  2010-06-12   Premium European Cup Pontevedra 9
  2010-07-03   European Championships Athlone 28
  2010-07-10   World Cup Holten 34
  2010-08-22   Asian Cup Incheon DNF
  2010-09-08   Dextro Energy World Championship Series Budapest 54
  2010-09-26   Pan American Cup and Iberoamerican Championships Guatape 6
  2010-10-10   World Cup Huatulco 22
  2011-04-09   European Cup Quarteira 10

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