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Maria Burton is an American director, producer and actress. She and her four sisters have a production company, Five Sisters Productions.[1]

Burton directed the feature films Manna From Heaven (2002), Just Friends (1996), Temps (1999), and co-directed the 2007 documentary Sign My Snarling Movie. She produced The Happiest Day of His Life (2007) and Julia Sweeney's Letting Go of God.[2] Burton also acts in films. She lectures on filmmaking at film schools such as USC and AFI.[3]

Burton graduated from Yale University with a degree in theater and filmmaking.[4] Her play, The Litany of the Clothes won first prize in the Earth Daughters' playwriting contest.[5] In Los Angeles, Burton continues her live theater activities.

She is co-chair of the board of The Alliance of Women Directors[6] and on the advisory board of Global Girl Media.[7]

Her recent work includes the short film Stephen Kanner: A Retrospective,[8] as well as commercials for the "Faces of Ford" campaign for Ford Motor Company,[9][10] a feature film drama inspired by the "Mercury 13" women who were tested for the original astronaut program in 1961-62,[11] and the Lynn Reed written and produced independent film A Sort of Homecoming, a drama about a cable television new producer and her teenage origins as part of her high school debate team.


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