Maria Buynosova-Rostovskaya

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Maria Buynosova-Rostovskaya
Maria Petrovna Shuyskaya's crucifix (17 c., GTG) by shakko.jpg
Tsaritsa of All Russia
Tenure 1608–1610
Born 1590s/c. 1586
Died 2 January 1626
Novodevichy Convent
Burial Archangel Cathedral, Kremlin; prev. Novodevichy Convent
Spouse Vasili IV of Russia

Tsarevna Anna Vasilievna

Tsarevna Anastasia Vasilievna
Father Peter Buynosov-Rostovskay
Mother Maria Ivanovna
Religion Eastern Orthodox

Maria Petrovna Buynosova-Rostovskaya (Буйносова-Ростовская, Мария Петровна in Russian) (born as Catherine - died 2 January 1626) was the second spouse and only empress consort of Tsar Vasili IV of Russia.


Maria Buynosova-Rostovskaya was the daughter of prince Peter Buynosov-Rostovskay. The wedding took place on 17 January 1608.

In 1610, Vasili was deposed. After the deposition of her consort, Maria was forced to enter a convent. As a nun, she took the name Elena. Her youngest daughter, by then newborn, joined her and became a nun when adult.

  1. Tsarevna Anna Vasilievna (1609-1609), died in infancy
  2. Tsarevna Anastasia Vasilievna (1610-died unknown year), a nun.


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Russian royalty
Title last held by
Marina Mniszech
Tsaritsa consort of Russia
Title next held by
Maria Dolgorukova