Maria Felice Tibaldi

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Maria Felice Tibaldi
Maria Felice Tibaldi by P.Subleyras (Kursk gallery).jpg
Portrait of Maria Felice Tibaldi by Pierre Subleyras (1699-1749)
Born 1707
Rome, Italy
Died 1770
Nationality Italian
Known for Portrait painting
Notable work Dinner at the House of the Pharisee
Spouse(s) Pierre Subleyras (1739-)
Dinner at the House of the Pharisee.

Maria Felice Tibaldi (1707-1770) was an Italian painter. She was born in Rome.


She painted portraits and historical subjects in oil and pastel, including portrait miniatures, among them, Bacchus and Ariadne and Angelica and Medoro. She married the painter Pierre Subleyras in 1739. [1] The image was accompanied with the quote "Mary Magdalene at the feet of Jesus Christ in the house of Simon the Pharisee, after the painting in Rome in the Galleria Capitolina. It is a copy after a picture by the artist's husband, Pierre Subleyras, a picture now in the Louvre, Paris. Maria Tibaldi Subleyras presented this copy to Pope Benedict XIV, who sent her a thousand scudi, and placed her work in his collection at the capitol."

Her sisters, Teresa and Isabela were also artists in the same genre.

Her Dinner at the House of the Pharisee was included in the 1905 book Women Painters of the World.



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