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This article is about the soprano, pianist and composer born in 1772 who took the married name Beardmore . For the pianist and composer born in 1760 as Maria Hester Reynolds, see Maria Hester Park .

Maria Frances Parke (26 August 1772 – 31 July 1822) was an English soprano, pianist and composer of keyboard works.[1]


Parke was born in London. Her father was the oboist John Parke, while her uncle was the oboist and composer William Thomas Parke.[1]

She made her debut as a pianist and singer at the age of nine.[2] At ten she performed a Clementi duet with Maria Hester Park née Reynolds (1760–1813),[3] with whom she is sometimes confused.[4]

In 1815 she married John Beardmore. She died in London in 1822.[1]


Selected works include:

  • A Divertimento and Military Rondo for the Piano
  • Grand Sonata in F Major for Solo Piano
  • Grand Sonata in E-flat Major for Solo Piano
  • Grand Sonata in D Major for Solo Piano[1]


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