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This article is about the soprano, pianist and composer born in 1772 who took the married name Beardmore. For the pianist and composer born in 1760 as Maria Hester Reynolds, see Maria Hester Park.

Maria Frances Parke (26 August 1772 – 31 July 1822) was an English soprano, pianist and composer of keyboard works.[1]


Parke was born in London. Her father was the oboist John Parke, while her uncle was the oboist and composer William Thomas Parke.[1]

She made her debut as a pianist and singer at the age of nine.[2] At ten she performed a Clementi duet with Maria Hester Park née Reynolds (1760–1813),[3] with whom she is sometimes confused.[4]

In 1815 she married John Beardmore. She died in London in 1822.[1]


Selected works include:

  • A Divertimento and Military Rondo for the Piano
  • Grand Sonata in F Major for Solo Piano
  • Grand Sonata in E-flat Major for Solo Piano
  • Grand Sonata in D Major for Solo Piano[1]


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