Maria Skuratova-Belskaya

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False Dmitry's Agents Murdering Feodor Godunov and his Mother, by Konstantin Makovsky (1862). Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.

Maria Grigorievna Skuratova-Belskaya (died 10/20 June 1605), was a Tsaritsa of Russia as the spouse of Tsar Boris Godunov.

In 1570/1571, Godunov strengthened his position at court by his marriage to her as she was the daughter of Tsar Ivan the Terrible's favorite Malyuta Skuratov-Belskiy.

She was the mother of Tsar Feodor II of Russia. On 10/20 June 1605, she was strangled with her son Feodor in his apartment.


Russian royalty
Title last held by
Irina Godunova
Tsaritsa of Russia
Title next held by
Marina Mniszech