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Maria Landi (15?? – 19 January 1599), was a consort of Monaco by marriage to Ercole Grimaldi, Lord of Monaco.[1]


Maria was a daughter of Claudio Landi, Prince of Val di Taro, and Juana Fernández de Córdoba y Milá de Aragón.

She married Grimaldi on 15 September 1595[2]:54 The marriage was arranged through Ercole¨s good contacts at the Spanish court and gave him great prestige, as Maria was a descendant of the Royal House of Aragon through her mother, which made Ercole related to the king of Spain.[1]


She had three children:


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Maria Landi
Born: 15?? Died: 1599
Preceded by
Isabella Grimaldi
Consorts of Monaco
Succeeded by
Ippolita Trivulzio
(as Princess of Monaco)