Maria McAuley

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Maria McAuley
Maria McAuley.jpg
Maria McAuley
Born1847 (1847)
DiedSeptember 19, 1919(1919-09-19) (aged 71–72)
Known forFounder of the New York City Rescue Mission
Spouse(s)Jerry McAuley

Maria McAuley (1847 – September 19, 1919) is an American missioner who, along with her husband Jerry, founded the McAuley Water Street Mission in New York City.[1] Self-described as "river thief" and "fallen woman", respectively, Jerry and Maria McAuley's Mission became America's first rescue mission, and is now known as the New York City Rescue Mission.[2] The McAuleys' Mission became the first of over 300 rescue missions in the United States. All together these rescue missions form the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions.[3][4][5]


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