Maria McLean

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Maria McLean
Personal information
Country represented United Kingdom
Born Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Residence Denmark
Retired 1974

Maria McLean is a British former competitive figure skater. She is the 1973 British national champion. McLean competed at three European Championships, placing as high as sixth (1974), and at two World Championships, placing 11th in 1973 and 12th in 1974.[1]

McLean is an ISU technical specialist.[2] She is also a choreographer who has worked with Laura Lepistö,[3] Jelena Glebova,[4] and Jenni Vähämaa.[5]

Competitive highlights[edit]

Event 1971–72 1972–73 1973–74
World Championships 11th 12th
European Championships 8th 7th 6th
Richmond Trophy 2nd
British Championships 1st


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