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Maria Pasquinelli (16 March 1913 – 3 July 2013) was an Italian teacher and member of the Fascist party, convicted for the killing of British General Robert de Winton in Pola on 10 February 1947.[1][2]


Maria Pasquinelli was born in Florence, Italy on 16 March 1913. As a teenager, she was a member of the Italian Fascist Party. She served as a nurse in Libya during World War II. In 1942 she went to work as an Italian teacher in Spalato, Croatia, where she denounced the killings of Italians in Dalmatia and Istria that occurred between 1943 and 1945. In early 1945 she tried unsuccessfully to unite all the Italians of Istria–both Fascist soldiers, as well as Catholic and Marxist partisans–against the annexation of Istria by the Yugoslavians under the leadership of Josip Broz Tito.[3]

Killing of General Robert de Winton[edit]

On 10 February 1947, in protest against the Istrian exodus,[4] she went to the Istrian city of Pola to shoot and kill the British general in that city, Robert de Winton.[5]

She was imprisoned for 17 years following the murder, and upon her release in 1964[6] she lived in Bergamo, where she died at the age of 100.[7]

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