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Maria Yumeno
Born (1978-08-17) August 17, 1978 (age 37)[1]
Tokyo, Japan
Ethnicity Japanese
Height 1.54 m (5 ft 12 in)

Maria Yumeno (夢野まりあ Yumeno Maria?) is a Japanese pink film, adult video (AV) actress and gravure model. In 2003, she was called one of Japan's highest-earning AV performers and "probably its most famous."[2] Many of her movies emphasized her large bust and thin body.[2]

Life and career[edit]

Maria Yumeno was born in Tokyo, Japan on August 17, 1978 according to her standard profiles[3][4][5] but an interview published in 2003 declares that the "24-year-old from Tokyo is in fact a 30-year-old from Yamaguchi."[2] Yumeno comes from a broken family, as her father left when she was a child. After leaving school, she worked for a time as a graphic designer.[2]

AV debut[edit]

As with many other AV actresses, Yumeno was found by a scout in Tokyo's Shibuya district where the penniless Yumeno accepted an offer of a "modelling audition" to make money.[2][6] She made her debut in adult videos in late 1998 with the h.m.p. release The Wild Bust.[7] Soon afterwards she appeared in a nude pictorial set for the Japanese men's magazine Bejean.[8]

Yumeno made several more videos in 1999 with h.m.p. and at the 1999 Tokyo Sports Film Awards, she was given the Best AV Actress Award.[9] She went on to work with a number of other major AV studios of that period including Crystal-Eizou, CineMagic, V&R Planning, Kuki, Atlas21 and Alice Japan[10] including making the S&M themed Masochistic Room Service for Kuki in March 2000.[11] She also starred in some early S&M and bondage works for Attackers.[12]

Yumeno appeared in the erotic science fiction film I.K.U., released in Japan in May, 2001, in the role of Reiko number 2.[13][14] The movie had previously premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2000.[15] In October 2002, Yumeno starred in the pink film Maria Yumeno: Chō-inran onna no shiseikatsu (夢野まりあ 超・淫乱女の私性活?) directed and written by Daisuke Yamanouchi and released by Xces Film.[16][17]

For a long time, there has been a connection between AV and the Japaneses wrestling community and on November 4, 2002, Yumeno made her pro wrestling debut participating in a Women's Erotic Wrestling (WEW) match in Yokohama.[18][19] In April and May 2003, she also took part in live action hardcore erotic wrestling matches for Adult Video Wrestling (AVW) with the losers having sex with the referees and others. Also participating were AV actors Taka Kato and Chocoball Mukai (a former professional wrestler).[20][21] A six-hour video, AVW Fuck Down!, was released in June 2003.[22]

Retirement and comeback[edit]

Yumeno's interview published in September 2003 states that she had retired from the adult video industry a few months earlier.[2] However, she continued acting in mainstream films including the October 2003 horror film The Naked and the Living Dead (新怪談残虐非道・女刑事と裸体解剖鬼 Shin kaidan zangyaku hidō: onna keiji to ratai kaibōki?) where she played a zombie maid.[23][24] Yumeno also had a role in the manga-based live action film version of Devilman (デビルマン Debiruman?) released in October 2004.[25] In a voice role, Yumeno played the lead character, Rina, in the adult anime OVA Dark Tours / Shinjin Tour Conductor (新人ツアーコンダクター?) which came out in Japan in October 2004.[26] Dark Tours was released in the United States in August 2006 with English subtitles and/or dubbing.[27]

In 2005, Yumeno appeared with fellow AV actresses Hitomi Hayasaka, Naho Ozawa and Ran Monbu as well as AV actor Chocoball Mukai in the erotic comedy film Ecstasy Express (シベリア超特急・欲望列車 Shiberia Chōtokkyū: yokubō ressha?), which had its debut at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival in February 2005[28] and was later shown theatrically in Tokyo in August 2005.[29] The film, starring gravure idol Miku Matsumoto, was subsequently released on DVD.[30][31]

Yumeno was back performing in adult videos in December 2005 with Super Bust Female Doctor for "mature woman" specialist studio Madonna,[32] followed by further mature videos, Voluptuous Mature Nakadashi for Glory Quest in 2006[33] and Bewitching Lady for Maxing Stargate in 2007.[34] It can be noted that in Yumeno's profile from 2004, her bust measurement is listed as 93 cm (37 in.) but as of 2008 according to her official website, her bust was 115 cm (45 in.).[35]

Yumeno had a role in the June 2008 theatrical drama Dekotora no shu: Hinokuni kumamoto (デコトラの鷲(しゅう) 其の五 火の国熊本親子特急便?) directed by Hideyuki Katsuki. The film, fifth in the "Dekotora no shu" series, starred Show Aikawa and also featured pink film actress Junko Miyashita and former AV actress Honoka.[36][37] She has continued to appear in occasional adult videos for the Madonna studio and "mature woman" specialist Goro Tameike and also works as a media personality or "tarento" (タレント?).[35]

Partial filmography[edit]

Video title[38] Release date Studio Director Notes
The Wild Bust
1998-10-31 h.m.p. Jamm
Kin Ishikawa AV Debut
The Drill Fucker
1998-12-25 h.m.p. Jamm
The Lecherous Bitch
1999-01-21 h.m.p. Jamm
The Busty Slave
1999-02-25 h.m.p. Jamm
Tatsuya Touma
Targeted Female Teacher 2
1999-03-24 h.m.p. Miss Christine
Midori Moriguchi
Aphrodisiac Breast
1999-04-27 h.m.p. Samm
Masahiro Kasai
Love Doll Maria
1999-05-13 Crystal-Eizou Venus
Kei Shiraha
Dynamite Tits A GoGo!
爆乳 A GO GO!
1999-05-22 h.m.p. Jamm
With Erika Himemiya, Satomi Fujii & Satomi Ohara
Abnormal Privacy: Slave Secretary 27
Abnormal Privacy 奴隷秘書27
1999-08-20 CineMagic
Shinichi Kawamura
Bondage Doll Maria Yumeno
1999-09-17 (VHS)
2000-07-28 (DVD)
VS-574 (VHS)
DD-017 (DVD)
Shinichi Kawamura
Pussy Cat
1999-10-25 HRC Cher
Pusuke Yamada
The Neighbor's Sister Has G-Cup
1999-11-21 Big Morkal
Sun Matsui
G.B.O - Great Bakunyu Oh! My God! 1999-12-15 V&R Planning Vogue
Eigo Mochizuki
New Female Teacher Special
2000-01-18 V&R Planning Vogue
Trap - Greedy Web
罠 〜Greedy web〜
2000-02-29 HRC Cher
Pusuke Yamada
Masochistic Room Service
2000-03-23 Kuki Vinl
Hideto Aki
Home Delivery Soapland
2000-04-29 Atlas21 Saurs
Sun Matsui
Slave Secretary Special 7
2000-02-29 CineMagic
Compilation with Naomi Hoshi, Riona Sakamaki & Yoko Yazawa
Give Up Human Being (Inhumanity)
2000-06-30 Alice Japan Babylon
Kunihiro Hasegawa
How To Perfect
2000-10-01 Wanz Factory
Slut Actress 22
痴女優 22
2000-10-06 Waap Entertainment Kohshiro
Boobs Shake!
2000-10-18 Kuki Vinl
Toru Daikanyama With Erika Himemiya, Fuka Sakurai, Kaori Shimizu, Mami Kawai & Mayu Kotono
Deep Complex
2000-11-18 Waap Entertainment Gone
Home Delivery Call Girl Premium III
2000-11-24 Atlas21
Compilation with Riona Sakamaki, Run Takano & Yurika Satomi
KUKI Best Collection Vol.6 2000-12-01 Kuki
Compilation with Nana Sakura, Minami Asaoka, Rin Tomosaki & Aya Yoshii
Financial Corruption Dirty Bank
金融腐敗 淫獣銀行
2000-12-06 (VHS)
2001-05-16 (DVD)
Attackers Super Special
SSP-002 (VHS)
DSP-002 (DVD)
With Yuki Tsukamoto & Mio Okazaki
The Pretty Slut Wife Rape
妖艶妻レイプ ゴージャスな昼下り
2001-01-12 Attackers Shark
SHK-127 (VHS)
Give Up Human Being File Vol.4 (Inhumanity File Vol. 4)
人間廃業ファイル VOL.4
2001-03-16 Alice Japan Babylon
Compilation with Bunko Kanazawa, Fuka Sakurai, Maika Sawada & Sayaka Hijiri
Love Toy Training 18 Dragon Bondage Series
龍縛愛玩調教18 コスプレイヤー
2001-08-09 Attackers Ryubaku
RB-018 (VHS)
The Contrary Soap Heaven (Bubbly Heaven)
2001-11-30 Alice Japan Babylon
Shigeo Katsuyama Compilation with Ami Ayukawa, Hina Uemura, Uruka Kitamura & Yoko Takashima
Rape Drama Babe Series Vol. 7
レイプドラマBABEシリーズ 第7巻
2002-05-17 SOD
With Ryoko Izawa
The Contrary Soap Heaven Special 6
逆ソープ天国貸切スペシャル 6
2002-06-14 Alice Japan Babylon
Kanda Usagi
Super Angle of Oppai Maria Yumeno
超-巨乳のアングル 夢野まりあ
2002-12-01 Wanz Factory
Tokyo Diva Special Edition: Maria's Playhouse 2003-03-20 A6 Uncensored
Lesbian Debut Vol. 1
れずDebut VOL.1
2003-06-06 Natural High
With Reina Kondo & Azumi Tsukino
AVW Fuck Down! 2003-06-25 Obtain Future
With seven other actresses
Maria Yumeno Complete
夢野まりあ 完全版
2003-10-01 Wanz Factory
Super Bust Female Doctor
2005-12-25 Madonna
Tip Top X 3P Club 2006-01-20 Tip Top
With Mirai Hirooka, Yui Sarina & Yui Okuda
Voluptuous Mature Nakadashi
艶熟 中出し
2006-04-01 Glory Quest TopazJ
Bewitching Lady
2007-03-16 Maxing Catherine
We Love Busty Girls!! Boyoyon!! 2007-06-15 Fairy
Compilation with several other actresses
Big Tits Beauty : Special Collection 2008-04-22 FantaDream
Compilation with several other actresses
Hot Fact What She Does To Fulfill Her Quota!
2008-06-16 Maxing Catherine
With Reiko Shimura
Glamorous Maria Yumeno
2008-12-19 Real Works
Beautiful Wife Midafternoon Humiliation
美人妻 乳辱の昼下がり
2010-09-07 Attackers Ryubaku
Meo Sakamoto With Reiko Nakamori
Shameful Door-to-door Milk Sales
乳辱の訪問販売 夢野まりあ
2011-04-07 Attackers Ryubaku
Marvelous Big Boobs MILF Monster Maria Yumeno
肉漬け義母ファッカー 野獣熟女の男を狂わす驚異の爆乳!! 夢野まりあ
2011-04-25 Madonna
Kitorune Kawaguchi
Stolen Big Bust Wife Maria Yumeno
奪われた爆乳妻 身も心も夫の兄に寝取られて… 夢野まりあ
2011-05-07 Madonna
Eitaro Haga
Immoral Relatives Incest Family #1
近親家族遊戯 淫母相姦 #01
2011-08-10 Global Entertainment
With Chiruzu Iwasaki & Arisu Suzuki
Married Slave of Neighborhood Association
町内会奴隷人妻 夢野まりあ
2012-04-13 Goro Tameike
Goro Tameike
Bitch Mother Maria Yumeno
雌豚母さん 夢野まりあ
2012-05-24 V&R Products
Eitaro Haga
Busty Beautiful Mature Lesbians
2012-05-25 Madonna
Eitaro Haga With Yumi Kazama
Shaved Big Tits Mother Tempts Son
2012-11-25 Madonna
Eitaro Haga

Magazine appearances[edit]

  • Bejean[8]
    • April 1999 (5p., nude)
  • Weekly Playboy[39][40]
    • June 6, 2000 (5p., nude)
    • August 22–29, 2000 (1p., nude)
    • December 26–31, 2000
    • April 3, 2001 (7p., nude)


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