Maria of Portugal (nun)

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Infanta Maria
Born 21 November 1264
Coimbra, Kingdom of Portugal
Died 6 June 1304(1304-06-06) (aged 39)
Coimbra, Kingdom of Portugal
Burial Santa Cruz Monastery, Coimbra, Portugal
House House of Burgundy
Father Afonso III
Mother Beatrice of Castile
Religion Roman Catholicism

Infanta Maria of Portugal (Coimbra, 21 November 1264 – Coimbra, 6 June 1304; Portuguese pronunciation: [mɐˈɾiɐ]) was a Portuguese infanta (princess) daughter of King Afonso III of Portugal and his second wife Beatrice of Castile

Maria was born on 21 November 1264 in Coimbra was for the majority of her life a nun in the Convent of the Lady Canons of Saint John (Convento das Donas Cónegas de São João), near the Monastery of Santa Cruz of Coimbra. She died in the same city on 6 June 1304.