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Mariae Nascenti is a one-man industrial music project from Milan, Italy.

The creation of Ango Visone, Maria Nascenti has been described as 'dark ambient', 'harsh electronics' and 'ambient industrial'. Songs consist of soundscapes, sometimes employing "found sound", and are frequently accompanied by guest vocalists. The bands' vocals are most often in English, although each release also includes compositions performed in Italian as well, often by Visone himself. Guest vocalists have included Paul Beauchamp of the band Gullinkambi, Fabrizio Madonese Palumbo of the bands Larsen and (r) and G.B. Jones. Massimo and Pierce of Black Sun Productions appear on the recording Morituri Te Salutant, and Ango Visone performed with Black Sun Productions for the recording Anarcadian Night. As well, Mariae Nascenti has performed and recorded with Deathtripper and (r), and toured Italy with Blood Axis.

In October 2007, a new album entitled Raise Your Paw To The Sky And Break The Truce was released on Final Muzik. The recording featured guest vocals by The Lonesome Marias Choir, as well as Artemisia Kendall, Paul Beauchamp, Paola Bianchi, Marc Manning and G.B. Jones, and musicians from the bands DsorDne, Everything Is Fine, Femina Faber, Gullinkambi, Larsen, Maison Concett, Northgate, (r), and Satellite Happy. It was produced by Fabrizio Madonese Palumbo.

Ango Visone is also a director of such short films as The Kindness of Your Touch (2006), Thee Guards (2008), and The Belly Dance (2008), and the creator of drawings and zines. His art work has been featured in Scott Treleaven's book The Salivation Army Black Book released in 2006 by Printed Matter Inc, and he has had a number of art shows in his native Italy.

In 2008, the music of Mariae Nascenti was featured on the soundtrack for the film The Lollipop Generation, directed by G.B. Jones, alongside songs by The Hidden Cameras, Anonymous Boy and Jane Danger[1]



  • Raise Your Paw To The Sky And Break The Truce CD, Final Muzik, 2007
  • Fey CD EP, Final Muzik, 2006
  • Anarcadian Night, Anarcocks CD, with Black Sun Productions and Drazen, 2005
  • Morituri Te Salutant CD, Final Muzik, 2004
  • 20MN4C04, CD-R, 2004
  • The Smell Of The Sun Is Too Much For Me, Double CD-R, 2003
  • Whorewounds, CD-R, 2002
  • Furry Dead Pet, CD-R, 2002
  • (void), CD-R, 2002
  • Your son is gonna die at the age of thirty-three, Double CD-R, 2002
  • Teresa Neumann, CD-R, 2001
  • Ohne, CD-R, 2001
  • One, CD-R, 2001


  • A Tribute to the Wor(l)ds of Jhonn Balance, Creative Fields Records, 2006
  • One Year Later...It Still Hurts Compilation CD on Speed Demon, 2001



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