Mariamma Chedathy

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Mariamma Chedathy

Mariamma Chedathy, also known as Mariamma John, was a Dalit activist and a well-known folklorist from the state of Kerala in India. Mariamma Chedathy died on 31 August 2008.[citation needed]


  • Mariamma Chedathiyude Manikkam Pennu, Folksongs collected from Mariamma Chedathy, Second Edition, SPCS, Kottayam, Kerala, India.
  • B. C. Folklore, Bulletin of the British Columbia Folklore Society, has published three articles based on the book Manikkam Pennu
    • The Death and Resurrection of Kamachavelan, B. C. Folklore, No. 11
    • Manikkam Pennu: a Paraya Folktale, No. 12
    • Humans, Gods, and Nature in Paraya Folklore, No. 14