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Marian Green

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Marian Green (born 1944) is a British author who has published about magic, witchcraft and the "Western Mysteries" since the early 1960s.[1]

She founded and continues to organise the Quest Conference held every year in the UK[2] and has edited the magazine Quest[3][4] since founding it in 1970.[1][5] She created the Green Circle, a network of pagans and occultists, in 1982.[2] She was previously a council member of the Pagan Federation and the editor of Pagan Dawn.

Born in London in 1944 but raised in a rural area, Green met other pagans after entering university at 29. As of 2002 she had worked in publishing for most of her career.[1]

Green rejects the idea, dominant in the period after the revival of pagan witchcraft by Gerald Gardner, that witchcraft needs to be coven-based and organised around formal initiations conferred by coven leaders.[1][6] She teaches that the old divinities can be encountered in the natural world, alone and without prescribed ritual forms.[7][8] She teaches visualisation as a means to self-transformation which will make effecting change possible: "By changing our point of view, by developing our own inner skills, each of us can learn to shape the world into the perfect planet everyone yearns for."[9][10]

Green runs residential and non-residential weekends and correspondence courses, under the aegis of The Invisible College, which she founded.[1][11] These activities are advertised in Quest.[12] She is also a frequent speaker at other venues in the UK and the Netherlands. She is the author of over twenty books.[13] Her manuals are widely used in the witchcraft community,[14] and she has been influential in the development of the solitary movement in English witchcraft.[15][16]

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