Mariana Dimitrova

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Mariana Dimitrova
Mariana Dimitrova in San Diego
Born Мариана Димитрова
May 28, 1954
Kozarevetz, Bulgaria
Died 1 June 2005(2005-06-01) (aged 51)
San Diego, California
Occupation actress
Years active 1978–2005

Mariana Dimitrova (Bulgarian: Мариана Димитрова) was a famous Bulgarian actress born on May 28, 1954 in the small village of Kozarevetz, Veliko Turnovo region. She graduated from the Bulgarian film academy. Her second husband was the prominent Bulgarian director Eduard Zahariev. From 1997 to 2005 she lived in San Diego, California.

She played different roles in more than 30 Bulgarian movies, some of the most memorable ones in "Manly Times", "Ladies' Choice" and "My Darling, My Darling". She also took part in the Old Globe Theatre play "Pentecost"[1] and in one of the episodes of "Six feet under"[2] She wrote 2 books that are published in Bulgaria:"American syndrome"[3] and "Curious travelers". She committed suicide on June 1, 2005.


  1. Bird of Prey (1995) (Хищна птица)
  2. My Darling, My Darling (1986) (Скъпа моя, скъпи мой)
  3. Green Fields (1984) (Зелените поля)
  4. Elegy (1982) (Елегия)
  5. Ladies' Choice (1980) (Дами канят)
  6. Almost a Love Story (1980) (Почти любовна история)
  7. Be Blessed (1978) (Бъди благословена)
  8. Manly Times (1977) (Мъжки времена)
  9. Fairy Dance (1976) (Самодивско хоро)
  10. Doomed Souls (1975) (Осъдени души)

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