Mariana Plate

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Mariana Plate
The Mariana Plate
Type Minor
Approximate area 360,000 km2[1]
Movement1 north-west
Speed1 39-51mm/year
Features Mariana Islands, Mariana Trench
1Relative to the African Plate
Cross section across the Mariana Plate

The Mariana Plate is a small tectonic plate located west of the Mariana Trench and forms the basement of the Mariana Islands. It is separated from the Philippine Sea Plate by a long divergent boundary with numerous transform fault offsets. The boundary between the Mariana and the Pacific Plate to the east is a subduction zone with the Pacific Plate subducting beneath the Mariana. The Mariana Trench forms the southeastern boundary and the Izu-Ogasawara Trench the northeastern boundary.[2]


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