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Mariana Ximenes
Mariana Ximenez-005 (25670966650).jpg
Mariana Ximenes in 2016
Mariana Ximenes do Prado Nuzzi

(1981-04-26) 26 April 1981 (age 38)
São Paulo, Brazil
OccupationActress, Producer
Years active1998–present
Pedro Buarque de Hollanda
(m. 2001; div. 2009)
Mariana Ximenes autograph.png

Mariana Ximenes do Prado Nuzzi (born 26 April 1981) is a Brazilian actress.[1] Her first role was in the telenovela Fascinação in 1998 where she portrayed the role of Emília Gouveia.[2] In the same year she played the role of Ruth Stern in the film Caminho dos Sonhos.[3] In 2000, she played in Uga-Uga portraying "Bionda". This role rise to prominence as she became widely known in Brazil and internationally.[4] Later in 2001, she offered her services in the Portuguese voice over translation in the Canadian/Chinese animated series Braceface, for the character Sharon Spitz. She later played the protagonist in Cobras & Lagartos in 2006 and Lara in A Favorita, later in 2008. In 2010, she portrayed her first villainous role in the critically acclaimed telenovela Passione. Since 2010 she has appeared in several telenovelas, television series, films and theatre performances. In 2016, she starred the successor of Totalmente Demais, Haja Coração, together with Malvino Salvador.[5]

Mariana Ximenes has also earned several accolades throughout her acting career such as: Melhores do Ano, Troféu Impresa, Festival de Gramado, Festival do Recife, Prêmio Contigo among others.

Biography: Early life[edit]

Mariana Ximenes do Prado Nuzzi was born in São Paulo on 26 April 1981 and grew up in Vila Mariana, a neighborhood in São Paulo.

Mariana dreamed to be an actress since her childhood. At age 6, she appeared in a school play as Cinderella.[1] She began acting in amateur theater, insisting to her parents invest in her career as an actress, even participating in various advertising campaigns. Her first acting lessons were in Teatro Escola Célia Helena,[6] and at age 12, she had already appeared in more than 200 commercials.[7] She attended Colégio Marista Arquidiocesano, where she studied from 3rd grade till her 3rd year of high school.[8]


1994 — 01: Fascinação, Uga-Uga and A Padroeira[edit]

When she was thirteen, in 1994, Mariana debuted on television in the telenovela 74.5 - Uma Onda no Ar in Rede Manchete making a cameo appearance to the latter.[9] Shortly afterwards, she was invited to join the cast of Fascinação of SBT in 1998, where she played the character Emília, her first major television role.[10] In the same year, she joined Rede Globo and began working in her (Rede Globo) productions. She appeared in the episode "Dupla Traição" in the series Você Decide and in the film Caminho dos Sonhos portraying the character Ruth Stern.[11][12] She also participated in the pilot of the series Sandy & Junior portraying the character Vicky.[12]

In 1999, she played Celi Montana in Andando nas Nuvens.[13] She also made a cameo appearance in the telenovela Força de um Desejo playing Ângela, in 2000.[14]

Mariana played the character Bionda, which yielded great success for her career. She later starred in the film Xuxa Popstar.[15]

In 2001, she appeared in Brava Gente in the episode, "A Sonata", playing the character Luciana. She first performed in the Portuguese voice over translation for the character Sharon Spitz in the Canadian/Chinese animated series Braceface.[16] She later did some ads for Fox Kids Brazil and she also played Izabel de Avelar in A Padroeira.[17] That same year, she also starred in her second film, Dias de Nietzsche em Turim, playing Júlia Fino.[18]

2002 — 06: A Casa das Sete Mulheres, Chocolate com Pimenta and Cobras & Lagartos[edit]

Ximenes in 2005

In 2002, Mariana Ximenes made a guest appearance in the comedy series Os Normais,[19] in "A Turma do Didi" as Glorinha and Brava Gente in episode "Arioswaldo e o Lobisomem" as Branca Luz, alongside Suzana Vieira and Ângelo Antônio.[20] Earlier that year, she had starred in her third film O Invasor, which earned her the award for Best Supporting Actress at the Festival do Recife, Passista Trophy, Grande Prêmio BR do Cinema Brasileiro and Cinema Brazil Grand Prize.[21][22][23]

The following year, she played the character Rosário in A Casa das Sete Mulheres.[24] She won the award for Best romantic couple along with Thiago Fragoso earning her a Contigo Award for her character that became popular among viewers, although her character died at the end of the miniseries.[25] During this period, Mariana made a special participation in the program Zorra Total and A Grande Família. Her next role was in a telenovela perhaps one of her most prominent in her entire career. She played Ana, the main protagonist, also known as Aninha, in Chocolate com Pimenta that earned her media attention due to its success thanks to her portrayal in the telenovela.[26] Mariana also starred in films such as O Homem do Ano and Uma Estrela Pra Ioiô (2003). In 2004, she also participated in the special Histórias de Cama & Mesa.[12]

In 2005, she was cast the critically acclaimed telenovela América as the rebellious Raíssa. Her role, was well received by critics: Sérgio Ripardo said that, "América would be remembered in the future because of Mariana Ximenes and Cléo Pires, due to the popularity of their characters" and Folha Online said, "The character Raíssa overshadowed the main character in the plot, Sol", played by Deborah Secco.[27][28] This year, she also starred in one more film Gaijin - Ama-me Como Sou portraying Weronika Muller.[29] She participated in her second Portuguese voice over translation in the movie Chicken Little, where he voiced the character Hebe Marreca, known as Pata Ugly.[30] Also in 2005, she made a cameo in Casseta & Planeta playing the character Raíssa. In 2006, Mariana was cast as Lílian Gonçalves in the miniseries JK.[31] In Cobras & Lagartos, she portrayed the character Bel,[32] that was initially for Giovanna Antonelli. In the plot, her character is a violinist who inherits 49% of her deceased uncle, Omar (Francisco Cuoco), who owns a fictitious company called Luxus.[33]

2007 — 10: A Favorita and Passione[edit]

After Cobras & Lagartos, she made a cameo appearance in Paraíso Tropical as Sônia, a journalist who becomes the new girlfriend of the character Mateus, played by Gustavo Leão.[34] Originally, Gilberto Braga had cast her to play the character Bebel, but she later turned down the offer thus Camila Pitanga taking over the role.[35] The following year, Mariana played the heroine, Lara Fontini, in A Favorita, one of the main characters of the plot.[36] The look of her character became a hit among Brazilians.[37] She was invited to be the presenter of the program Superbonita channel GNT, where she spoke about pin-ups.[38] She also made a cameo as herself in the documentary Episódio Especial and as herself in the documentary Despertar das Amazonas.

In 2010, Mariana Ximenes was cast to play Clara Medeiros in the telenovela Passione, her first villain role in her acting career.[39] It is based on Bette Davis' characters. In order to compose the character as well as some other villains in Brazilian telenovelas, such as Nazaré of Renata Sorrah and Maria de Fátima of Glória Pires, some changes were also made on her visual appearance to liven the character, making her hair longer and dressing in bolder outfits.[40]

The Clara in, Passione, struck me very much. Besides being a very complex character, who sometimes portrays villainess girl in me she demanded a lot, it was the first time that I collaborated with Tony Ramos, Fernanda Montenegro, Cleyde Yáconis, and Leonardo Villar. The character gave me a lot in many ways.

— Mariana Ximenes about her character in Passione.[41]

The actress Mariana Ximenes topped the poll site in Caras magazine as the greatest villain in telenovela history.[42] The critical Flávio Ricco said "Mariana Ximenes as Clara did one of her best work in television".[43] She won in Troféu Imprensa Awards for Best Alctress for her portrayal of the character,[44] and was also nominated in some other awards. The journalist Fabíola Reipert said, "Mariana Ximenes can show her talent, because she is in the main cast of the telenovela, even with only 29 years".[45] The character Clara was also compared to Bia Falcão, Fernanda Montenegro's character in Belíssima.[46]

Furthermore, Mariana returned to theater, starring in the play Os Altruístas, directed by Guilherme Weber, after nine years of not performing on stage.[47]

2011 — present: As Brasileiras, Guerra dos Sexos and movies[edit]

In 2011, Due to the success of her character in Passione, Rede Globo decided to keep her away from the small screen for some time. She produced the film Um Homem Só by herself in addition to starring in the film.[48][49] In May 2012, she was part of the cast of the series As Brasileiras in the episode "A Adormecida de Foz do Iguaçu", playing the seductive character Liliane.[50] She made her comeback in the Portuguese voice over translation for 31 minutos, la película, for the voice of Cachirula's character.[51] She was also confirmed to star in the Guerra dos Sexos as Juliana.[52] Shortly afterwards she was part of the film Os Penetras with Eduardo Sterblitch and Marcelo Adnet.[53] She also starred in the film O Gorila by the filmmaker José Eduardo Belmonte, as a seductive character.[54]

In 2013, she starred in the movies O Uivo da Gaita and O Rio nos Pertence! by Ricardo Pretti.[54] Mariana performed a vedette cabaret in Joia Rara.[55] In 2015, she was auditioned for A Regra do Jogo but in March 2015, Rede Globo announced that Vanessa Giácomo was selected for the role.[56]

Personal life[edit]


Mariana Ximenes and Pedro Buarque de Hollanda met at a party in 2001. They soon began cohabitating and considered themselves a "married couple." They traveled together, and Mariana starred in a film produced by him, A Mulher do Meu Amigo.[57]

The filmmaker was once kidnapped by two men[clarification needed] who used knives to threaten him. He was released 18 hours after the payment of ransom of $100,000 was paid.[58]

Soon after, confirmed her separation from Pedro. She stated that, "We parted cordially and maintain a friendship: alone and quiet".[59][60]



Year Title Role Notes
1998 Fascinação Emília
Sandy & Junior Vicky
1999 Você Decide Episode: "Dupla Traição"
Andando nas Nuvens Celi Montana
2000 Força de um Desejo Ângela Special participation
Uga-Uga Bionda
2001 Brava Gente Luciana Episode: "A Sonata"
Braceface Sharon Spitz Brazilian voice dubbing
A Padroeira Izabel de Avelar
2002 Os Normais Sônia Episode: "Acima do Normal"
A Turma do Didi Glorinha Participation
Brava Gente Branca Luz Episodr: "Arioswaldo e o Lobisomem"
2003 A Casa das Sete Mulheres Rosário
Zorra Total Jornalista Participation
A Grande Família Ana Episode: "Essa é pra Casar!"
Chocolate com Pimenta Ana Francisca (Aninha) [61]
2004 Histórias de Cama & Mesa Carolina Special End of Year
2005 América Raíssa [62]
Casseta & Planeta, Urgente! Raíssa Participation
Belíssima Ametista Special participation
2006 JK Lílian Gonçalves
Cobras & Lagartos Bel (Maria Isabel Gonçalves Pasquim)
2007 Paraíso Tropical Sônia Special participation
2008 A Favorita Lara Fontini [63]
2009 Superbonita Presenter
Despertar das Amazonas Herself Documentary
2010 Passione Clara Medeiros [64]
2012 As Brasileiras Liliane Episode: "A Adormecida de Foz do Iguaçu"
Guerra dos Sexos Juliana de Alcântara Pereira Barreto [65]
2013 Joia Rara Aurora Lincoln
2014 A Grande Família Lola Ferrara Episode: "Um Hóspede do Barulho[66][67]
Eu Que Amo Tanto Leididai
2016 Haja Coração Constância Rigoni Di Marino (Tancinha)[68]
Supermax Bruna Sabino
2017 Cidade Proibida Suzana Episódio: "Caso Suzana"
2018 Se Eu Fechar os Olhos Agora Adalgisa Bastos
2019 Ilha de Ferro Drª. Olívia Mossen Temporada 2
2020 Nos Tempos do Imperador Luísa Margarida de Barros Portugal, Condessa de Barral


Year Title Role Notes
1998 Caminho dos Sonhos Ruth Stern [69]
2001 Dias de Nietzsche em Turim Júlia Fino [18]
2002 O Invasor Marina [21]
2003 O Homem do Ano Gabriela [70]
Uma Estrela Pra Ioiô Ioiô Short film[71]
2005 Gaijin - Ama-me Como Sou Weronika Muller [29]
Chicken Little Hebe Marreca Brazilian voice dubbing[30]
2006 A Máquina Karina [72]
Muita Alegria e 40 Graus de Calor Short film[22]
Muito Gelo e Dois Dedos D'Água Roberta [73]
2008 A Mulher do Meu Amigo Renata [57]
2009 Bela Noite Para Voar Princess [74]
Hotel Atlântico Diana [75]
2010 Quincas Berro D'Água Vanda Cunha [76]
2011 Um Homem Só [48]
2012 Os Penetras Laura [53]
31 minutos, la película Cachirula Brazilian voice dubbing[51]
O Gorila Cintia [54]
2013 Harmonica's Howl Antônia [54]
Rio Belongs to Us [54]
2014 O Fim de Uma Era
Para Sempre Teu, Caio F. Herself
2015 Um Homem Só Josie [77]
Prova de Coragem Adri [78]
Zoom Michelle [79]
2016 Quase Memória Maria [80]
O Grande Circo Místico Margareth [81]
Uma Loucura de Mulher Lúcia [82]
Os Penetras - Quem dá Mais? Laura
Sing Rosita Brazilian voice dubbing


Year Title Role
1999 Auto de Natal Maria[83]
2000 A Rosa Tatuada Rosa[83]
Paixão de Cristo Maria[84]
Os Lusíadas Maria[83]
2005 O que diz Molero? Investigadora[85]
2006 Justine Recompensada Justine
2007 Senhora dos Afogados Vera Barreto Leite[86]
2011 Os Altruístas Sydney[87]



In 2008, Mariana Ximenes was invited to be the poster girl for Risqué business on the company's various glazes. Later that year, Risqué created a line of nail polishes called Rendas do Brasil, named after the traditional enamel leading the company's sales, Renda. The Risqué is the leader in selling nail polish, and the first to run commercials on TV about nail polishes.[88] In 2009, she starred in Campaign Os 7 Vermelhos Capitais, with seven different shades of red, a special edition.[89] In 2009, she was part of the campaign Risqué Jóias Místicas, with various shades, ranging from light to dark blue. According to the actress, the idea was genius, because she always combines her jewelry with the color of her nail polish.[90] In 2011, she starred in the campaign Pop 4 You, a line of nail polishes inspired by the 60's, with colorful hues and typical summer colors. The line was launched in November, more glazes were used by Mariana in her character Clara in the propagated telenovela Passione.[91] In 2012, she starred in the campaign Clássicos Risqué with shades of pink and her Frenchie, which was used in commercials and became a success.[92]

Products and trade[edit]

In 2000, investing in the success of the soap opera Uga-Uga, Rede Globo signed a contract with Estrela for manufacturing a Susi Bionda doll, inspired by the character of Mariana Ximenes.[93] With Marisol Ribeiro, she starred in commercials for Johnson & Johnson. She was also the poster girl for Havaianas, along with actor Rodrigo Lombardi, including recording commercials for the brand.[94] With Positivo Informática, she starred in campaigns for several years. She was also the poster girl for cards by Banco Bradesco. At Avon, she made the cover of the magazine along with Giselle Itié and Sheron Menezzes, also starring in commercials. She was also the poster girl for the Always absorbent line.[95] She became the new poster girl Sunsilk in 2011, starring in the commercial Silk Pro-Natural.[96] She was also the star of the summer campaign Arezzo.[97] She recently starred in a campaign with actor Reynaldo Gianecchini for the brand Cavalera.[98] With only 12 years of being active, Mariana has starred in over 200 commercials.[7]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
1999 Prêmio Jornal dos Clubes Best Female Revelation Andando nas Nuvens Won[83]
Magnífico Award Best Female Revelation Andando nas Nuvens Won[83]
Prêmio Qualidade Brasil Biggest Revelation Andando nas Nuvens Won[83]
2000 Melhores do Ano Best Female Revelation
Bionda in Uga Uga
Meus Prêmios Nick Best Actress Won
2002 Festival do Recife Best Supporting Actress
Marina in O Invasor
8º Prêmio Guarani Best Supporting Actress Nominated[99]
2003 Grande Prêmio BR do Cinema Brasileiro Best Supporting Actress Won
Academia Brasileira de Cinema Best Supporting Actress Won
Prêmio Contigo Best Romantic Couple with Thiago Fragoso
Rosário in A Casa das Sete Mulheres
2005 FestCineGoiânia Best Actress
Karina in A Máquina
Capricho Awards Best Actress
Raíssa in América
2006 Meus Prêmios Nick Favorite Actress
Bel in Cobras & Lagartos
Capricho Awards Best Actress Nationally Won[101]
12th Prêmio Guarani Best Actress
Karina in A Máquina
2007 Prêmio Contigo! do Cinema Nacional Best Supporting Actress Won[103]
2009 Melhores do Ano Best Actress
Lara Fontini in A Favorita
Troféu Imprensa Best Actress Nominated
15º Prêmio Guarani Best Actress
Diana in Hotel Atlântico
2010 4th Prêmio Quem Best Actress
Vanda in Quincas Berro D'Água
Prêmio Contigo! do Cinema Nacional Best Supporting Actress
Diana in Hotel Atlântico
Nominated [105]
Veja Cariocas do Ano Best Actress
Clara Medeiros in Passione
Prêmio Minha Novela Best Actress Won
2011 Troféu Imprensa Best Actress Won
Troféu Internet Best Actress Won
Melhores do Ano Best Actress Nominated[106]
Prêmio Jovem Brasileiro Best Theatre Actress
Sydney in Os Altruístas
2013 Prêmio Contigo! de TV de 2013 Best Actress in a Telenovela
Juliana in Guerra dos Sexos
2015 Festival de Gramado Best Actress
Josie in Um Homem Só
2018 Platino Awards Best Actress in a Series
Bruna in Supermax


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