Mariann Bienz

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Mariann Bienz
Institutions Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Alma mater University of Zurich
Notable awards
Spouse Hugh Pelham (m. 1996)

Mariann Bienz FRS FMedSci is a distinguished molecular biologist based at the UK Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology. She has been a member of their Senior Scientific Staff since 1991,[2] was Joint-head of Cell Biology in 2007/8 and has been Joint 'head of Protein and Nucleic Acid Chemistry since 2008.[citation needed]


She was educated at Gymnasium Winterthur and the University of Zürich where she studied Zoology and Molecular Biology and earned her PhD in 1981.

Career and research[edit]

Bienz subsequently undertook postdoctoral research at the LMB and in 1986 returned to Zurich as Assistant Professor, and then (1990) Associate Professor also serving as a member of EMBO in 1989.[3]

Personal life[edit]

She lists her recreations in Who's Who as music and mountain walking.[4]

Awards and honours[edit]


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