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Marianne series.jpg
Created by
  • Samuel Bodin
Written by
  • Samuel Bodin
  • Quoc Dang Tran
Directed by
  • Samuel Bodin
Starring Mireille Herbstmeyer
Country of originFrance
Original languageFrench
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes8
Running time36–52 minutes
Production companyEmpreinte Digitale and Federation
Original networkNetflix
Original release13 September 2019 (2019-09-13)
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Marianne is a French horror streaming television series created and directed by Samuel Bodin, written by Bodin and Quoc Dang Tran and starring Victoire Du Bois, Lucie Boujenah and Tiphaine Daviot. The plot revolves around the young novelist Emma who realizes that the characters she writes in her horror novels are also in the real world.[1][2] The series was released on 13 September 2019 on Netflix. It was canceled after one season in January 2020.[3]



No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal release date [5]
1"Your Dreams"
"Tu les rêves"
Samuel Bodin[5]Samuel Bodin[5]
Quoc Dang Tran
13 September 2019 (2019-09-13)

Synopsis: Just as best-selling author Emma Larsimon announces she’s done writing horror, an unnerving visit from an old friend draws her back to her hometown.

Summary: The show opens showing a hole in the ground from inside the hole. It then cuts to a radio interview with Emma Larsimon about the final chapter of her Lizzie Larck series shown from the radio of Caroline’s house. Caroline, calling for her mother, walks into the kitchen to see her mother, Madame Daugeron, putting a knife in her mouth and taking out a tooth. Her mother then holds up the tooth and says it’s “for Emma”. The scene then cuts to Emma doing a reading of her latest book. At the reading she tells everyone that she is done writing Marianne. After the reading, moderated by her fiancee/boyfriend Pere, Emma spends the signing drinking, and then Caroline, who is shown to be a friend of Emma’s from childhood, shows up. She tells Emma that her mother believes she is Marianne and that Emma must go to her. Emma denies that Marianne is real and Caroline then gives Emma the witch charm her mother gave her for Emma and shows Emma her stomach, on which her mother has carved on her in a strange language. Caroline is then escorted out by security saying she doesn’t want to be next but she is. Emma, frightened, goes out with Camile and gets drunk, causing her to miss her dinner with Pere. Emma tells Camile that as a child she had nightmares about Marianne, which caused her to write about Marianne as it made the nightmares stop. Emma returns to her flat to find a note from Pere about her standing him up and being drunk. That night Emma once again has a nightmare about Marianne. In the morning she finds that Pere has left her. That morning at work Caroline shows up and hangs herself after telling Emma that her mother wants her to write more or that she’ll take Emma’s parents next, giving Emma her cross to return to her mother, and referencing an event when they were kids at the lighthouse. After being unable to reach her parents, Emma, with Camile, returns to Elden. On the way Emma describes Marianne to Camile, telling her that the one thing Marianne cannot lie about is her name, noting that she can evade the question but cannot lie about who she is. They stop once in Elden by the lighthouse and Emma hears Marianne calling her back and hears children singing a rhyme about Marianne. Then Father Xavier shows up with his dog and yells at Emma that she needs to leave as no one wants her there. They then stop at Madame Daugeron’s, who seems disinterested in the death of her daughter. They have tea with Madame Daugeron, who acts insane and seems to know information about Emma that she shouldn’t. As they flee Madame Daugeron, she screams that Emma must write or her parents will be next. They continue on her to parents house, where Emma finds a witch charm on the door. Once she enters she finds her parents having sex on the stairs. That night Camile wakes up and is attacked by Emma’s father. Emma then runs out and finds Camile, then sees her parents running out into the woods naked with strange writing on them. She tries to follow but her father attacks her.
"C'est coutume !"
Samuel BodinSamuel Bodin
Quoc Dang Tran
13 September 2019 (2019-09-13)

Synopsis: While a quirky police inspector digs into her parents’ case, Emma drags Camille back to Caro’s home and reconnects with the rest of her old crew.

Summary: Camile tries to follow Emma, but stops to answer phone, which turns out to be the security company calling to check out the alarm. The operator directs Camile to lock the living room door; he’s then shown to really be Marianne, who then attacks Camille. Emma returns to the house. The next day Inspector Ronan shows up to investigate her parents disappearance. Inspector Ronan discovers a witch charm hanging on the door. After saying that he cannot question Madame Daugeron because she’s technically done nothing wrong, he agrees to interrogate her after Emma says she’ll personalize her signature on his books. He advises Emma and Camile to stay home. Madame Daugeron is seen leaving her house and Emma and Camile then break in. Emma finds one of her books that has a strange language written throughout. There is one room in the house they cannot get into. While trying to investigate something tries to break out. Before they can do anything further Madame Daugeron returns. She has a knife and begins to cut her own arm off and tells Emma that she must write, after which they escape. Inspector Ronan visits a friend of his, Pat, who owns a shop dealing in mysticism. He shows him the witch charm, which causes Pat to recoil in fear. Pat tells him that it’s dangerous witchcraft, which makes people vulnerable to spells. Inspector Ronan takes a necklace against demons, and Pat tells him that it won’t help whoever had the charm, as they’re cursed. Emma goes out by the sea to drink and sees her old friend Aurore, one of the Shipwreck punks. They catch up and Aurore leaves. Back at the house, Emma once again hears her father begging her to write, telling her if she doesn’t Marianne will hurt them. Emma is shown beside the hole, where she hears the children singing the rhyme (Marianne, born on Tuesday, she was happy on Wednesday, got married on a Thursday, became a witch on a Friday, captured on a Saturday, judged on a Sunday, executed on Monday, buried on a Tuesday.) Madame Daugeron is then shown in the hole telling her she must write before Tuesday. Hugo, a boy in the neighborhood, finds a dead gull, then runs away when Madame Daugeron shows up and gets out of her car. She goes to the bird and spits in its eye. When Madame Daugeron gets back to her car Emma is in there. Madame Daugeron takes her to the funeral, where she spits in her daughter’s eye as she lays in the casket. Emma runs out and is joined by the rest of the Shipwreck punks (Aurore, Seby, Tonio, and Arnaud (No-No)) by the abandoned boat. They get drunk and remember old times with Caroline (Caro). No-No sends Camile the article Emma wrote about her mother. Later that night Camile reads the article, which is extremely cruel to her mother, and asks Emma why she wrote it. Emma, angry that Camile read it after saying she wouldn’t, lashes out. Emma hears all the voices telling her to write, and takes out her laptop and begins to write a new chapter, detailing how five cows were drowned at sea and five kids were hung. Emma’s mother is then shown walking up out of the sea, naked.
3"Not an Easy Person"
"Je ne suis pas un cadeau"
Samuel BodinSamuel Bodin
Quoc Dang Tran
13 September 2019 (2019-09-13)

Synopsis: Tonio makes a disturbing discovery at the shore. Another harrowing night with Emma pushes Camille to her limit. Marianne turns up the heat.

Summary: As Tonio and No-No work, they find that their traps are empty and Tonio discovers that five cows have been drowned. Emma’s mother returns and locks herself in the bathroom. When the police get there, she tells them that Emma broke her love for her. At Inspector Ronan’s request, Emma leaves. She goes to the abandoned boat and gets drunk, after which Emma and Camile go to Seby’s to eat. Seby introduces them to his pregnant wife, Sophie, and her son, Hugo. Emma continues to drink and tries to come onto Seby, who rebuffs her. Sophie then discovers that Hugo is missing. Seby, Camile, and Emma go looking for Hugo, and Emma directs them to go the lighthouse. There they find Hugo and four other kids hanging from the swingset. They are able to save all five children. When they get back to her parents house Camile tells Emma she’s done, and leaves. Emma realizes that what she writes comes true. Once inside, Emma apologizes to her mom and her mom tells her that she wouldn’t change a thing and they have plenty of time ahead of them. Emma goes to the church and steals holy water and a cross, then goes to Madame Daugeron’s house and knocks her out. On her way home Camile pulls over to sleep, and upon waking realizes she’s lost. Back at Madame Daugeron’s, Emma is shown to be trying to exorcise Marianne. The holy water and the crucifix harm Madame Daugeron, who talks as Marianne, but does not exorcise her. Inspector Ronan calls and tells Emma he found her father and Emma flees, leaving Madame Daugeron tied up. Emma’s father is in a coma in hospital after being found in an abandoned building, bowing before candles with the entire room strung with witch charms. Emma goes home to get her mom to bring her to visit her dad, and once she reaches her parents house she sees blood dripping down the front stairs. Inside she finds her mother stabbed to death. She then finds Madame Daugeron upstairs holding the knife and laughing. Emma strangles Madame Daugeron, seeming to kill her right as Camile returns and tries to stop her. Camile then attempts to perform CPR and as she’s doing so she sees Marianne’s face replace Madame Daugeron’s. Recoiling in fear Camile falls backwards down the stairs. Madame Daugeron’s mouth opens unnaturally wide and her body then slides backwards across the floor, then a mist is seen escaping from her mouth.
4"Beautiful Moment"
"C'est un beau moment"
Samuel BodinSamuel Bodin
Quoc Dang Tran
13 September 2019 (2019-09-13)

Synopsis: Emma’s grieving is cut short by an urgent request, and a grisly scene at the Daugeron home leads Inspector Ronan into a world of demonic secrets.

Summary: Emma is shown to be in Camile and Monsieur Larsimon’s hospital room, where both are in a coma. Seby comes to take her to her mother’s funeral, after which the group all eats together. After a shower the word “write” appears in the fog on the mirror to Emma. Inspector Ronan shows up and tells her Madame Daugeron will only talk to her; she is no longer possessed but Marianne took her eyes, as “she never leaves empty handed”. Madame Daugeron admits to everything, saying Marianne took her to the black waters and made her do those things. After saying she believes she hurt her husband, she lets Emma know that Marianne has existed forever but now Marianne and Emma are connected, and Emma must write. After the interview Inspector Ronan goes to Madame Daugeron’s house, where he finds her husband in a room filled with witch charms, which includes a book in curse language. Inspector Ronan returns to Pat’s show for help, where Pat is reluctant to assist as his life has gone downhill since Inspector Ronan’s last visit. Pat does tell him he can find records of witch trials in the churches and that the repeated sign is a seal. He also lets Inspector Ronan know that the only thing he can use against her is her name, which will give him power over her. Inspector Ronan breaks into the church and takes the book about the witch trials, the Molitor files, against Father Xavier’s wishes. He then returns to Pat, who gives him the Nuremberger Hexenhammer and tells him the seal he showed him is the demon seal of Beleth, who is a demon king. Pat then shares that he has a premonition that he will never see Inspector Ronan again, and they exchange goodbyes. Emma goes to hospital for the birth of Seby’s baby. However, things go terribly wrong as the baby is revealed to be a demon and during the delivery it kills Sophie. Emma then wakes up and gets the call that Seby really is having his baby. Once she gets to hospital she freaks out and tries to get in to stop things from happening. Before she can Seby comes out and tells them he has a son. Inspector Ronan reads the Molitor Report and finds that Marianne’s last name is Basselin. The report details years of accidents and death following Marianne, including the death of her first son. Marianne and her husband have two children; one day Marianne disappears into the woods with her children and returns alone, killing her husband and proclaiming herself to Beleth. Marianne was buried and was set to be burned with her demon contract. That night Marianne returns to Emma’s nightmares. Tonio, who took over No-No’s shift after he was too drunk to work, is captured by Marianne. Aurore is then visited by her dead sister, who appears sinister. Back at hospital, Seby’s newborn son is taken by Marianne, with a witch charm left in his cradle.
5"You Left Her"
"Tu l'as laissée…"
Samuel BodinSamuel Bodin
Quoc Dang Tran
13 September 2019 (2019-09-13)

Synopsis: Fifteen years earlier, in a bid to drive away Emma’s nightmares, the friends gather at their old school for a ritual that will change their lives.

Summary: Emma is a child again, having nightmares about Marianne. After telling her friends that the nightmares are continuing, Caro decides they need to hold a seance. Although Aurore doesn’t want to go, Emma convinces her and they all gather at the lighthouse with a Ouja board. As Caro calls for Marianne, she briefly possess Emma, telling Caro she will hang her, No-No that he needs to cherish Tonio because he won’t have him for long, Seby that his children will be hers, and Aurore that she never leaves empty-handed before spitting in her face and collapsing. No one believes that Emma was truly possessed and think she was pretending. The next day Emma is at the lighthouse with Aurore’s little sister Lucy. Lucy tries to get Emma to play hide and seek with her; however, while searching for her Emma sees Marianne, who proceeds to kill Lucy in a freezer. After finding Lucy dead Emma flees. After another night of nightmares, Emma goes to Father Xavier for help. He tells her that Marianne is real and that she is attached to Emma. He tells her that in order to save everyone she has to leave, and she has to force her parents to let her go by hurting them. So Emma writes the article about her mother and causes as much trouble as she can, such as spray painting cars and destroying the church. On the day she leaves Elden, Seby comes to tell her goodbye and that he knows it wasn’t really her; the share a kiss before she goes. Emma then begins writing Marianne. Inspector Ronan comes to Emma and they try to figure out how to destroy Marianne. Seby then arrives to tell them Marianne has taken his son.
"Pour les souvenirs ?"
Samuel BodinSamuel Bodin
Quoc Dang Tran
13 September 2019 (2019-09-13)

Synopsis: Inspector Ronan connects the dots between Emma’s books and more real-world tragedies. He, Emma, and Séby hatch a plan to destroy Marianne.

Summary: As part of the plot to take down Marianne, Emma tries to write her death. However, she ends up writing something entirely different and cannot remember doing so. The next day Inspector Ronan, Emma, Seby, No-No, and Aurore go to the lighthouse to try to destroy Marianne. At the lighthouse Inspector Ronan calls Marianne by her true name. At first, it doesn’t appear to have worked and they all settle in for the night. At the hospital, Marianne is shown to have possessed Camile, and as she tries to attack the nurse and Monsieur Larsimon Camile collapses. Back at the lighthouse they find that Inspector Ronan is possessed by Marianne. Once he realizes this he kills himself.
7"Too Young to Handle"
"On était trop petit"
Samuel BodinSamuel Bodin
Quoc Dang Tran
13 September 2019 (2019-09-13)

Synopsis: Fleeing to different parts of the island, the friends encounter terrifying sights and ghostly messengers. One by one, they turn on Emma.

Summary: We’re shown Marianne’s burial, where a young priest is sent to burn her with her demon contract. However, before he completes the action Marianne comes to life and tries to attack him. Terrified, he flees and lies to the others, saying he burnt her to ashes. Back at the lighthouse Marianne’s spirit flees the now-dead Inspector Ronan as the others flee. She then is shown to be possessing Father Xavier’s dog. No-No runs, Emma goes to the car, and Aurore and Seby return to the lighthouse. Inside Lucy shows herself and tells Aurore that Emma was there when she died, something Emma has never told her. No-No is down by the beach where he sees Tonio, who tells him that he’s a prisoner and that Emma must write by Tuesday. They all end up back at the lighthouse and confirm that no one is Marianne. Marianne then appears with a note saying “one of you for me, who will it be?”. Marianne then attacks Aurore. As Emma comforts her, giving her the necklace Inspector Ronan had,Seby and No-No tell Emma she must write, which Emma tries to refuse. Aurore confronts Emma about Lucy and after telling the truth Seby tells Emma she is unforgivable. After trying to convince Emma to write by holding her at gun point, No-No then sacrifices himself, and Marianne takes him. Once they return, a defeated Emma begins writing. Seby’s son is returned to him. Seby then shows up at Emma’s house via her bedroom window, and the two proceed to have simple one-time sex, to make up for what they never did as teens. The next morning Father Xavier shows up at Emma’s house and begins attempting an exorcism, knocking Emma out by hitting her with the crucifix.
"On est mardi"
Samuel BodinSamuel Bodin
Quoc Dang Tran
13 September 2019 (2019-09-13)

Synopsis: As the priest makes a desperate bid to banish Marianne, Emma finds herself torn between two worlds, and Aurore searches for a way to save her friend.

Summary: Emma crawls to her room, followed by Father Xavier, who continues to beat her. As she reaches her room Father Xavier realizes she has continued to write, and tells her it is finished. Emma pulls a gun on Father Xavier, asking why he beat her. He tells her he never touched her, and it’s the effect of the holy water on her as she is now possessed by Marianne. Father Xavier tells her that since she yielded to her will, and as it’s now Tuesday, Marianne is her. Emma realizes the truth when Father Xavier asks her if she is Marianne, and as Marianne cannot lie about her name she answers yes. Marianne as Emma then shoots Father Xavier when he asks her where her grave is so he can burn her. Seeing the bullet hole Emma remembers the hole in the ground from when she was a child, and remembers hearing the voice there. She goes outside to the shed, and pushes it over, revealing the hole. Listening to Marianne, she reaches in and pulls her out. In an alternate reality, Emma and Marianne walk along the black waters to see the dark man. Back at the house, Father Xavier attempts to leave the house, and Emma once again attacks him. Aurore then shows up, and Emma plays a game of hide and seek with her. Once Aurore finds Emma and realizes she’s Marianne she threatens to shoot her, and Emma holds a knife to Aurore’s stomach. Unable to shoot her friend, Aurore lets Emma take the gun. Aurore then slips the pendant onto Emma and Emma is able to resist and tells Aurore that she must flee. Aurore flees at Emma’s insistence that she’ll take care of Marianne. The scene cuts to a young Father Xavier in school, detailing how he wants to be a priest in order to fight evil. In the present day, Father Xavier awakens and goes outside and finds Marianne’s grave. He pours gasoline in the grave and as he tries to light it demons attack him. While he’s fighting the demons Emma is fighting Marianne by trying to kill herself to end this. Aurore, not being able to keep running, turns around and comes back. She finds Marianne holding Emma while Emma holds a gun to her own head; back in the alternate reality Emma has a baseball bat and takes a swing at Marianne. At the same time Father Xavier finally defeats the demons and lights the grave, with himself in it, on fire, Aurore tackles Emma and the gun goes off. Emma and Aurore both come to and embrace. At the hospital Aurore and Emma realize that Marianne is now gone for good. Camile is set to be released from hospital the next day, although she has not spoken since being possessed and waking up. Emma’s father returns home and they share dinner. Emma tells her father that she will return often. The next day Emma picks up Camile to take her home; before leaving town she lays a rose on the steps of the church and goes to say goodbye to Seby. While saying their goodbyes, Emma brings up that night. Seby denies ever having slept with Emma and gets angry at her. Back in the car Emma flashes to that night and a demon is shown acting as Seby. Emma brushes it off as a dream, and they leave Elden together. Emma is shown stopping frequently to be ill, and finally Camile buys her a pregnancy test. Emma breaks down and takes it and, at the end, the test comes back positive.


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