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Front page
The 14 April 2007 front page of
Marianne (bestseller)
TypeWeekly magazine
Owner(s)Czech Media Invest
Editor-in-chiefNatacha Polony (redaction chief)
Political alignmentLeft-wing sovereignist
Circulation135,536 (2020)

Marianne (French pronunciation: [maʁjan]) is a weekly Paris-based French news magazine founded in 1997 by Jean-François Kahn and Maurice Szafran. Its original political slant was described as left-wing sovereigntist. Since 2018, its editor-in-chief is Natacha Polony. In 2021 its editorial line was frequently compared to Valeurs actuelles by left-wing media.[1]

History and profile[edit]

Marianne was created in 1997[2] by Jean-François Kahn[3][4] with Maurice Szafran as editorialist. It takes its name from an earlier, now defunct magazine. The main shareholder was the company of Robert Assaraf with 49.4% of the shares.[5] Czech Media Invest, owner of Czech News Center, acquired most of the magazine from Yves de Chaisemartin in 2018.[6]

Marianne claims a circulation of 300,000 copies per week, reaching a peak of 580,000, with the French news magazine record-breaker "The Real Sarkozy" in April 2007.[7] During the period of 2007–2008 the circulation of the magazine was 275,000 copies.[8] It was 264,000 copies in 2010[9] and about 146,000 in late 2016.[10]

2007 presidential election[edit]

During the 2007 French presidential election Marianne's editors Jean-François Kahn, Maurice Szafran and Nicolas Domenach openly supported the centre-right candidate François Bayrou,[citation needed] although at the same time they exposed "the editors' favourite" and advocated for French Socialist Party candidate Ségolène Royal.[citation needed]

Furthermore, they conducted a strong anti-Sarkozy campaign in the magazine including a special issue released on April 14~20 (#521), the day before the vote, arguing that right-wing candidate Nicolas Sarkozy was "insane" (which was the title of a previous issue)[11] in a negative portrait "of all dangers" (de tous les dangers). Such aggressive practice rather common in Great Britain and the United States is unusual in France.

Issue #521 "The Real Sarkozy" (Le Vrai Sarkozy) was named after the popular anti-Sarkozy propaganda video first released on July 5, 2006 in online services – as Dailymotion (+2,132,686 views) French counterpart of YouTube (+927,770) – by left wing supporters group RéSo (close to the French Socialist Party's Dominique Strauss-Kahn wing) author of the "AntiSarko" 2005 online campaign, which became the magazine's best seller (580,000 copies).[7] It was since then made online for free in the magazine's website.[12] The issue sold well with an exceptional out of print and two reprints,[7] but some journalists argued that the criticisms against Sarkozy actually strengthened Sarkozy's supporters per the victimization process.

The previous issue's (#520) cover titled "Sarkozy's fault: he chose Bush's America against Chirac's France" (La faute de Sarkozy: Il choisit l'Amérique de Bush contre la France de Chirac)[13] as a reference to Sarkozy having been one of the few French politicians initially supporting the 2003 invasion of Iraq which has been described by the French far-left and left-wing as a "fault",[14] as well as by a part of the Gaullist right-wing as a "mistake".

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