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Marianne Aulie and Aune Sand

Marianne Aulie (born 23 October 1971 in Lørenskog) is a Norwegian painter and former model.

Aulie met Aune Sand, and helped him with a movie called Dis in Cairo. Aulie was more or less taken into the Sand family of artists. With support and encouragement from the Sand family to pursue her art ambitions, Aulie was enrolled in the Oslo Drawing and Painting School (Oslo Tegne og Maleskole).[1] Aulie in turn encouraged the Sands to open art galleries, and Galleri Sand was eventually opened at both Grünerløkka and Briskeby, Aulies art has been sold there for over 10 million Norwegian kroner.[1]


Aulie has produced a variety of artwork, including abstract, Madonnas, and images of clowns. One of her techniques is to bathe her works in Champagne in order to get a particular texture from having the alcohol react with the acrylic paint.[1] Some of her most well known paintings are e.g. Optimist, Narrespill and Stjerneskudd


The art historian Stig Andersen has criticised Aulie's (and Sand's) artwork as being "soft pornography".[2]

In a newspaper advertisement for her work, Aulie used images of her buttocks. Although small images were printed in Aftenposten, the newspaper declined to publish advertisements where the images were considerably larger.[3]

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