Marianne Macdonald

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Marianne Macdonald
Occupation Novelist
Period 20th century
Genre Mystery

Marianne Macdonald (born July 9, 1934 in Kenora, Ontario) is a Canadian children's books author and novelist best known for her mystery series featuring London antiques bookstore owner and amateur investigator Dido Hoare.

Main themes of the Dido Hoare novels are responsibility and trust, the struggles of a single working mother and a complex and troubled father-daughter relationship.


Dido Hoare Series

  • Death's Autograph (1996)
  • Ghost Walk (1997)
  • Smoke Screen (1999)
  • Road Kill (2000)
  • Blood Lies (2001)
  • Die Once (2002)
  • Three Monkeys (2005)
  • Faking It (2006)

Children's Books

  • Black Base Rock (1952)
  • The Pirate Queen (1991)
  • The Eighty-Nine Pennies of Emma Jones (1992)
  • The Witch Repair (1995)
  • Dragon for Sale (1998)

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