Mariato District

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Mariato District
Panamá - Veraguas - Mariato.svg
Mariato District is located in Panama
Mariato District
Mariato District
Location of the district capital in Panama
Coordinates: 7°39′N 81°0′W / 7.650°N 81.000°W / 7.650; -81.000Coordinates: 7°39′N 81°0′W / 7.650°N 81.000°W / 7.650; -81.000
Country Panama
ProvinceVeraguas Province
 • Total375 sq mi (971 km2)
Population (2000)
 • Total5,778
Time zoneUTC-5 (ETZ)

Created in 2001, Mariato District is a district (distrito) of Veraguas Province in Panama. The district seat is the town of Llano del Catival, also known simply as Mariato.

Geographically, the district totaling 1,408.9 km² comprises the west-facing coast of the Azuero peninsula fronting the Gulf of Montijo. It shares the peninsula with Los Santos and Herrera Province, separated by a crest of low mountains, the Macizo de Azuero. The highest peak is Cerro Hoya (1,559 m) in the far south.[1]

Punta Mariato at the southern tip of the district also holds the title as the southernmost point of North America.[citation needed]

Mariato is thinly populated with only 5,847 residents (2010) dispersed over 149 settlements. The district seat, Llano del Catival, is the largest population center with 2,490 people, accounting for 43% of the entire district.[2]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Mariato District is divided administratively into the following corregimientos:


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