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Maribeth Solomon (born June 23, 1950) is a Canadian film and television composer and songwriter.[1] She has been nominated for the Genie Award, the Emmy Award, the Gemini Award and the International Film Music Critics Association Award for her work.

Most of her composing work is done as a duo with her husband, Micky Erbe.[1] Solomon and Erbe are partners in their own firm, Mickymar Productions.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Solomon is the daughter of former Toronto Symphony Orchestra violinist Stanley Solomon, and the sister of jazz and pop musician Lenny Solomon. Solomon and Erbe both contributed to the debut album by Lenny Solomon's 1970s band Myles and Lenny,[2] and Solomon's song "Falling into Rhyme" was recorded by Anne Murray on her 1972 album Annie.

Solomon's composing credits include the films Harry Tracy, Desperado, Improper Channels, Hubble, Space Station 3D, Ticket to Heaven, Shattered Trust: The Shari Karney Story, Blackjack, Threshold, Deadly Love, Destiny in Space, Picture Perfect, Utilities, Mission to Mir and Blue Planet, and the television series It's Our Stuff, Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy, Side Effects, Earth: Final Conflict, Street Legal, E.N.G., Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Schitt's Creek.

Solomon has also composed for video games, most notably for independent outfit Failbetter Games' Sunless Sea[3] and Sunless Skies.[4]

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