Maricao State Forest

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Maricao State Forest
Spanish: Bosque Estatal de Maricao
Monte del Estado.jpg
Water stream at El Monte del Estado
Map showing the location of Maricao State Forest
Map showing the location of Maricao State Forest
LocationMaricao, Puerto Rico
Coordinates18°07′22″N 66°58′29″W / 18.1227371°N 66.9746221°W / 18.1227371; -66.9746221Coordinates: 18°07′22″N 66°58′29″W / 18.1227371°N 66.9746221°W / 18.1227371; -66.9746221[1]
Elevation1,388 feet (423 m)[citation needed]
Area10,264 acres (41.54 km2)[citation needed]
Established1919[citation needed]
Governing bodyPuerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources

Maricao State Forest is located on the island of Puerto Rico, spread through the towns of San Germán, Sabana Grande and Maricao. It is commonly known as only the Monte del Estado, which refers to the mountain of that name located in the forest.

The forest is located on the western region of the Cordillera Central of Puerto Rico, and encompasses 10,264 acres (41.54 km2)[citation needed] of land in a high rainfall area. Guanajibo River and the Río Grande de Añasco flow through the forest.


The Maricao State Forest was created after a proclaim on December 22, 1919.[citation needed]

Biology and ecology[edit]

"Casa de Piedra" ruins, Monte del Estado


There are 1,141 species of plants in the forest.[citation needed] Of the 128 species of endemic plants of Puerto Rico, 23 are in the Maricao State Forest.[citation needed] There are plantations of mahogany, eucalyptus, Honduras pine, and others.


There are 60 species registered, 29 of which are endemic.[citation needed] Some examples are the Puerto Rican sharp-shinned hawk (Accipiter striatus venator), which is an endangered species, and the Puerto Rican emerald (Chlorostilbon maugaeus).


In summer the climate is warm and humid. Thunderstorms are common, along with temperature around 85 °F with heat index in the upper 90s during the daytime. In summer, nighttime is usually cool with low temperature in the mid- to lower 60s. In winter, it is very dry, the forest with mild temperature in daytime and cold in nighttime. Occasional days drop to 40 °F with mid-30s wind chill.

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