Marico River

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Marico River
River, Madikwe Game Reserve.jpg
Marico River is located in South Africa
Marico River
Location of the Marico River's mouth
EtymologyFrom the Bahurutse Madikwa, meaning "there is blood".[1]
CountrySouth Africa, Botswana
RegionNorth West Province, Limpopo Province
Physical characteristics
SourceEye of Marico
 • locationNear Swartruggens
MouthCrocodile River confluence
 • location
Limpopo River, South Africa/Botswana border
 • coordinates
24°11′27″S 26°52′22″E / 24.19083°S 26.87278°E / -24.19083; 26.87278Coordinates: 24°11′27″S 26°52′22″E / 24.19083°S 26.87278°E / -24.19083; 26.87278
Basin size13,208 km2 (5,100 sq mi)
Course and Watershed of the Limpopo River

The Marico River or Madikwe is a river in Southern Africa. There are a number of dams in its basin.[3] Groot Marico town is named after the Marico River.[4] After it is joined on its right bank by the Crocodile River it is known as the Limpopo River.


Eye of Marico, the source of the Marico River

The river starts off as the Groot Marico River at the Eye of Marico, near Rustenburg and Swartruggens in the North West Province of South Africa. The source of the river is a large dolomitic hole in the ground with clear water, which is also a spectacular scuba diving spot.[5] It flows northwards as the Great Marico (Groot Marico) and further downstream the smaller Klein Marico River joins forces.[6] For a stretch it is named Madikwene River, but after the Sehubyane River (Sandsloot) joins its left bank, it reverts to the name Marico.[7]

It continues flowing northwards, bending northeastwards and forming the border between South Africa and Botswana. Further downstream the Crocodile River joins the Marico River from the right and the name of the stream after the confluence becomes the Limpopo River. About 5 km short of the confluence the Notwane River joins the Limpopo from the southwest.[8]

Dams in the river basin[edit]

The Marico River is part of the Crocodile (West) and Marico Water Management Area. Dams in the river basin are:

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